Thunderstorm Nari Chamber Dungeon in Asta

Thunderstorm Nari Chamber Entrance

When you pick the Yayo race in Asta, your starting region will be the Peach Blossom Hills. The Peach Blossom Hills are just like the starter areas for the other races. Most of the zone is filled with enemies that are yellow and will not attack unless you attack them first. This makes doing quests a little easier. As you progress through the zone, the story will eventually lead you into the Evil Bird’s Nest located in the northwest corner of the region. In here, there will be a portal to the Thunderstorm Nari Chamber dungeon.

Peach Blossom Hills MapEvil Bird's Nest Map

Thunderstorm Nari Chamber

The Thunderstorm Nari Chamber is a lot like the other starter dungeons. The dungeon is rated for characters from levels 7-13. It is a small dungeon that consists of basically one hallway and a big room. There are only 2 objectives (or levels) and the dungeon can be completed rather quickly.

  • Level 1 – Kill Every Nanari
  • Level 2 – Kill Thunder Nari

Level 1

In the dungeon, there are 11 Nanari scattered throughout. Although it says to kill every Nanari, you only need to kill 10. Once the 10th one is dead, the boss will spawn. The 11th Nanari will disappear. The Nanari range from swordsmen, bowmen, and spearmen. Some are stationary and some patrol. If you are a caster or in a group with a caster, you can attack one without worrying about aggro from the others near your target. If you are melee, you will need to aggro others around the target unless you have a ranged skill. Either way, you should not have much trouble unless you fight too many at once.

Thunderstorm Nari Chamber Nanari

Level 2

Once all the Nanari are killed, Thunderstorm Nari will appear. As you would expect with the first dungeon, there are not a lot of surprises. She only has really 2 main mechanics. One is a blue tornado effect. This is fairly obvious and easy to avoid even though it is unannounced and cannot be interrupted. It does tick for damage, so it is advisable to move out of it. The second is tornado. Nari will produce a red circle on the ground. This is a channeled skill and can be interrupted. Otherwise, just move out of the red.

Thunder Nari

That is it for the Thunderstorm Nari Chamber dungeon. Once Nari is killed, collect your reward and you are ready to move out of the starter area and into the Ora Valley region where all the races enter as they finsh their respective starting zones. Enjoy!


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