Path of Exile Marauder Build – Part Two

We have defeated Path of Exile normal mode and now we are on to cruel mode. Our marauder build is taking shape. As we saw in normal mode, the build handled it very well with no real problems. There was only one small blemish fighting Dominus, but overall, I was really impressed with how the marauder performed.


This build was made by Lighty and can be found on the Path of Exile forums HERE. The build was chosen because of how cheaply the gear can be obtained and its end-game potential. It is also very simple to play as you only have a couple of main skills to use.

Part one can be found HERE.

Act One – Cruel

Act one in cruel played out just about like normal mode. Once again, I skipped the Fetid Pools quest and progressed through the story.

I did get a helmet drop that had three red sockets which were linked and decided this was a perfect time to start setting up other parts of the build.

I decided to start on damage mitigation and placed cast when damage taken, molten shell, and immortal call. These are linked and cast automatically when a certain amount of damage is taken.

Merveil was no problem and it was on to act two.

Merveil Fight Video:

Act Two – Cruel

Act Two was really no problem either. This build mows down normal, magic, and rare enemies without much problem. Just remember, you need to be hitting things to get life regen, so make sure you are always spinning when monsters are around.

Another point to remember, is you can get stuck and stop spinning in tight corridors or when there are many objects around. If you have trouble getting cyclone going again, use leap slam to jump to a more open area. This is very helpful as some spots can be very tight.

Normally in Act Two, I like to head to the Western Forest and get that area done first. However, we need to help Kraityn this time around for the attack speed reward. I headed to the Broken Bridge first to meet with Kraityn and then proceeded to the Western Forest. Make sure you get the waypoint in the Broken Bridge for a quick return to collect your reward.

The rest of Act Two was straight forward. I skipped all the optional quests and focused on the main quests. May sure you complete the quest “The Way Forward” and return to Lioneye’s to get your skill point.

Vaal Oversoul was very easy and it was on to Act Three.

Video of Vaal Oversoul:

Act Three – Cruel

Act Three was once again not much of a problem, except for Dominus, which always seems to be the case. Completing quests and killing enemies were pretty much trivial as long as you pay attention and keep spinning.

I did upgrade my axe twice with drops I received. It was at this point, I started planning the rest of my skill gem layouts. Since we will eventually need a piece of equipment with 6 linked sockets, this can either been be placed on the axe or body armor. I decided to put this on the body armor and put leap slam on the axe.

I basically did all the main quests and skipped the optional quests. We did not need to do the quest “A Fixture of Fate” in the Library as we did in normal difficulty.

Dominus was, well, Dominus. To me, this is the hardest fight in all the acts. The unique minions you fight before you get to Dominus are not much of a problem. It is the human form of Dominus that is the most trouble. Unfortunately, my lightning resistance is not very high and this makes the fight much harder. The monster phase of Dominus is very easy, just stay right beside him.

One thing to note, my video for some reason did not record and I went back and killed Dominus again after I completed Act Four.

Dominus Video:

Act Four – Cruel

Act Four did not pose any problems for this marauder build either. One optional quest that you should always do is “An Indomitable Spirit.” This optional quest rewards a skill point and should always be completed, so make sure you find it in The Mines Level Two before you move on to the Crystal Veins.

I did upgrade my weapon and body armor with drops. The body armor will be the piece we need 6 sockets for, so I upgraded the quality to +20 using armorer’s scraps and used orbs to get 5 linked sockets (4 red, 1 green). This took a decent amount of orbs and really uneccessary at this point of the game. You should at least have 4 linked sockets for your cyclone setup now and that is much easier to obtain than 5 linked sockets.

In my weapon, which is running my leap slam setup, I used orbs to get 4 sockets (3 red, 1 green).

Stats after Act Four:

Path of Exile Marauder Build

Video of Malachai:

Merciless Difficulty is Next

We are now on to merciless difficulty. Resistances will be a priority going forward. Merciless caps out your resistances at 75% and I will need to make sure these are closed to being maxed out.

Overall, this marauder build performs well no matter how many enemies there are. Leap slam into a group and start spinning. Everything goes down pretty quickly with little damage taken.

On single target fights, you will need to stay as close to the target and keep hitting it, replenishing your life. Cyclone movement is a little erratic and the target can move away from you. If this happens, leap slam is a great skill to use to get back into melee range.

At this time, these are the skills and links I am using:

  • Linked: Cyclone – Life Gain on Hit Support – Blood Magic Support – Fortify Support – Melee Physical Damage Support
  • Linked: Leap Slam – Faster Attacks Support – Vengeance – Blood Magic Support
  • Linked: Cast When Damage Taken Support – Immortal Call – Molten Shell
  • Hatred
  • Herald of Ash
  • Summon Flame Golem

Part One

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  1. As a sidenote if you decide to do another character, you dont need to necessarily go to Kraityn first to help him just kill the other two along the way and go to him when its convenient. You’ll get the quest reward either way. Same with any quest actually, you dont need to actually be assigned it to complete it once youve learned the acts.

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