Path of Exile Marauder Build – Part One

One thing I like about RPG games, is the flexibility to create builds based on all the unique skills these games offer. Some games are more limited in the amount of different builds and some give the ability to create what seems like an unlimited amount of different builds. Path of Exile falls into the latter category. I have decided to create a character and show my progress from beginning to end game for those who would like a guide or just interested in seeing my progress. The marauder class is my focus and this Path of Exile marauder build has been chosen based on it being beginner friendly.

Path of Exile Marauder Build

The build I used can be found on the forums HERE. I chose this build based on how cheap the materials can be obtained and end-game potential. It also has a good guide which is much appreciated.

Starting Out 

I have decided to go with a 2-handed axe for this build. No reason why, I just like the way axes look. Early on, you can certainly switch between 2-handed axes, mauls, and swords depending on your drops.

On our gear we will need to start looking for:

  • + Maximum Life
  • +/% Armor
  • High physical attack on weapon
  • Dexterity/Intelligence
  • Resistances

In this build, life is king. This should be a priority when deciding to upgrade gear. Acts 1-4 in normal are not really gear demanding, so we will upgrade with drops we get along the way.

Act One – Normal

After killing Hillock, I took the skill molten strike. We will not get our main skill, cyclone, until Act 3, so any skill you choose should work. I also got a rare club off Hillock and started using it. It also has 3 red sockets which I put heavy strike and molten strike in and started using both. I also bought the skill fire trap from Nessa and started using it also, as the guide states.

One thing to note, starting out you will be pretty weak. Make sure to keep an eye on your health and mana and use potions as needed.

After opening the submerged passage, I picked up flame totem from Nessa per the leveling guide.

After entering Merveil’s caverns, I returned to Nessa and chose sunder as the skill. I had 2 linked red sockets, so I linked sunder with added fire damage. This seemed to work well, killing things with 1 or 2 tries.

Merveil was not much of a problem to take down. Avoid as much as you can and use potions as needed. Overall, act one was not much of a problem.

Below are my stats at the end of act one:


A video of the Merveil fight:

Act Two – Normal

In Act Two, once I got to the forest encampment, I went into the Western Forest to complete the way forward. While I was there, I also found the Weaver’s Chamber to get the spike for “Sharp and Cruel.”

I also went to the wetlands to find Oak, since we need to help him to get the +40 life bonus and then went back into the Western Forest and killed Alira.

The next step was to travel to the broken bridge and kill Kraityn. After completing “Intruders in Black,” I went back to the Wetlands to talk to Oak to get the +40 life bonus and clear the roots at the entrance to the Vaal Ruins. After this, it was pretty much a straight shot to the Vaal Oversoul. The Vaal Oversoul was, like Merveil, not much of a problem.

A few things to note, I picked up the skill herald of ash. This skill increases damage, but it reserves 25% of our mana. Just watch your mana and use a flask if needed.

My stats after Act Two:


Video of the Vaal Oversoul:

Act 3 – Normal 

Act 3 is where this Path of Exile marauder build starts coming together. We will get our main skill, cyclone.

Make your way through the quests and complete the quest “Sever the Right Hand.” Kill General Gravicius and choose cyclone as your reward.

We now will change over to cyclone as our main skill. One piece of your armor or weapon should have 3 linked sockets, 2 red and 1 green. Use orbs of fusing, jeweler’s orbs, and chromatic orbs to obtain this. You should have some saved up from your journey.

Start with cyclone (green) and life gain on hit support (red). As you are using this, your mana will drain pretty fast. We will need to complete the quest “A Fixture of Fate” to get our third gem. This quest is in the library which is connected to the imperial gardens. Choose blood magic support as your reward and put it in the second red slot linked to cyclone.

We are now using life instead of mana for cyclone and this works really well. With life from our armor and passive skill tree, we have enough life to run the skill with no problem and life gain on hit support keeps our life full while hitting enemies.

Since mana is no longer an issue, I added the skill Hatred which gives extra damage and larger damage radius. It brings our total mana reserved up to 75%, but still not a problem since we use very little mana now.

Stats after Act Three:


Video of Dominus fight. I actually died here once as I was not familiar with the movement in cyclone yet and my resistances were a little low:

Act 4 – Normal

Act 4 was much of the same as the latter part of Act 3. Once you are using cyclone and hitting things, nothing really hurts you.

I did stop using the fire totem and picked up the flame golem. This golem gives us more damage. The stone golem is also another good choice as it gives life regeneration.

I also found a decent rare axe and made it into a 4 socket using orbs, 3 red and 1 green, and linked them all. I added fortify support to this. This skill adds damage and defense.

That is all that was added. I killed Malachai without much problem, although I did have to use a health flask every now and then.

Stats after Act Four:


Video of the Malachai fight:

On to Act 1 in Cruel Difficulty

Well, that is it for this path of exile marauder build in normal difficulty. This build looks really good and I can’t wait to see how it progresses as the game gets harder.

At the moment, I am using these skills:

  • Linked: Cyclone – Life Gain on Hit Support – Blood Magic Support – Fortify Support
  • Summon Flame Golem
  • Hatred
  • Leap Slam
  • Herald of Ash
  • Vengeance

As we get deeper in cruel difficulty, depending on how much damage I am taking, I will start adding and linking more support skills. For now, my marauder kills normal enemies fast with little or no damage taken, so I will forego using orbs to get sockets perfect until I need them.

Part Two

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