Path of Exile Initial Review

path of exile

So I received a closed beta invitation for the upcoming Webzen game Mu Legend. I was very impressed with the game and it brought back memories of my Diablo 3 days. Sadly, the closed beta test ended, so I went searching for a similar game. I stumbled upon Path of Exile and glad I did.


Path of Exile Installation

Installation is straightforward and not much of a problem. You must first create an account at the Path of Exile web site. The download is fairly large and will probably take most an hour or two to download and install. Once you get everything installed and open the game, you will notice that it does not take very long to get into the game.

Character Creation

This is really more of an ARPG than a MMORPG much like Diablo. That being the case, there are still MMORPG elements available, such as weapon upgrades, many unique skills which upgrade, and also a massive passive skill tree which allows for a great deal of customization. There are 7 classes to play with a mixture of ranged and melee classes. One bad thing is there is not much in the way of character appearance customization and the classes are gender locked. This is not as critical as in traditional MMORPGs since you rarely see your character close up, but some customization would have been nice.

Available classes include:

  • Duelist
  • Marauder
  • Ranger
  • Scion
  • Shadow
  • Templar
  • Witch

path of exile


Before you choose your class, you are given the option to pick a league. There are two different types of leagues, standard and essence. There isn’t much detail as to the difference in the leagues. I chose the standard league as my first character. There is also a hardcore option to each league which seems that you only get one life. Once you die, you are then put into the standard respective league. The entire league screen is below with the descriptions of each league.

path of exile

Path of Exile Game play

Game play is not unlike the other games in this genre. Move the mouse where you want to move and click the left mouse button. If you are not used to maneuvering in games this way, it can take some time to get used to. The keys Q, W, E, R, T, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are used for your various skill. The left, right, and scroll wheel mouse buttons are also used for skills also, which can become a problem as moving uses the left mouse button. You must make sure if you want to move that you are targeting open ground, otherwise you will attack a target. You can become overwhelmed by big groups of enemies if you are not moving and die.

path of exile

Quests are found by looking for a ! at an NPC. When you first start the game, you will see your first quest immediately. The starter area is basically that. There is not much in the way of danger when fighting the enemies. You must defeat an “elite” boss to get into the first town. The boss’s name is Hillock. Once you defeat him, you can get into the town. This town is called Lioneye’s Watch and will contain your next quests, merchants, and bank (called a stash).


Path of Exile is turning out to be a great game. The game was released in 2013 and is still being updated regularly. It is free to play although there is a cash shop. A quick glance through the cash shop does not reveal anything pay to win on the surface. It seems to be cosmetic and convenience items (bank tabs, etc) which is perfectly acceptable. They need to make money by the way. If any one would like nice Diablo 3 type game, you should give Path of Exile a try.


  • Game loads and starts up fairly quickly
  • Game runs smoothly with no bugs encountered so far
  • Massive character skill customization
  • Cash shop is not pay to win


  • No character appearance options
  • Gender locked characters
  • Not much in the way of in-game tutorials



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