Path of Exile Act Three Quest Guide

path of exile act three

After defeating the Vaal Oversoul, you arrive in The City of Sarn. This is the beginning of Act 3 which covers a very large area and many locations. These locations and the many quests will be covered in this Path of Exile act three quest guide.

Path of Exile is free to play and can be downloaded HERE.

The Act Three map can be found HERE.

Skill Point Rewards

These quests reward skill points:

  • Victario’s Secrets
  • Piety’s Pets

Shadow of the Vaal

This quest carries over from Act 2. It instructs you to find The Sarn Encampment. Since the City of Sarn map is not very big, the entrance to the Sarn Encampment is not hard to find. Just travel north-northeast and you should be able to find it. You will want to find Clarissa along the way to get the next quest.

Lost in Love

path of exile act threeYou will find Clarissa while traveling to the Sarn Encampment entrance. She is being held hostage and your goal is to rescue her. Once you defeat the guards, pick up the quest lost in love which instructs you to find Tolman in the Crematorium.

The Crematorium is located in the Slums, a maze of buildings and staircases. Once inside the Crematorium, you are treated to another maze of fire creatures. Tolman will be surrounded by Piety and a group of guards. Once you get Piety down to under 50% health, she will teleport out of the dungeon. Take Tolman’s Bracelet from Tolman’s body and head back to the Sarn Encampment. There is also a trial of ascendancy in this area.

Turning in Tolman’s Bracelet to Clarissa rewards you with the sewer keys which will unlock the sewer entrance in The Slums. Marmoa will also reward you with a choice of skill gems.

Sever the Right Hand

Marmoa offers this quest after receiving the reward from Lost in Love. Travel to the Ebony Barracks and defeat General Gravicius. Talk to Marmoa after you kill the general and get a choice of skill gems.

Victario’s Secrets (Optional)

This quest is obtained from Hargan and asks you to find 3 platinum busts. The busts are located in 3 rooms spread out over the length of the sewers. Each is guarded by a pack of magic creatures. Once all 3 are found, return to Hargan for a skill point and 2 passive respec points.

The Gemling Queen

Grigor offers this quest and wants you to find the tomb of the Gemling Queen in the Solaris Temple. Once you find and talk to Lady Dialla in the Solaris Temple, this quest is done. There is no reward but it give the follow-up quest, The Ribbon Spool.

The Ribbon Spool

Travel back to the Battlefront which you traversed heading to the Solaris Temple. The Ribbon Spool is located near the waypoint in a Blackguard chest. Return to Lady Dialla in the Solaris Temple. You are rewarded a choice of 4 amulets and the next quest, Fiery Dust.

Fiery Dust

This quest is obtained from Lady Dialla in the Solaris Temple and asks you to travel to The Docks and find the thaumetic sulphite . The entrance to the Docks is located in The Battlefront, north of the waypoint. The sulphite is located in a supply container. Obtain it and return to Lady Dialla in the Solaris Temple. She will reward you with the infernal talc. Take the infernal talc into the sewers and use it on the undying blockage. This will give you access to the Ebony Barracks.

path of exile act three

A Swig of Hope (Optional)

Captain Fairgraves returns and offers you this quest in The Docks. You are tasked with finding 2 objects. Chitus’ Plum is located in the Imperial Gardens and the Decanter Spiritus can be found in The Marketplace. Once you have collected the items, return to Fairgraves and choose a ring for the reward.

Piety’s Pets

This quest opens up after you complete Sever the Right Hand. It is obtained from Grigor in The Sarn Encampment. Piety can be found in level 2 of the Lunaris Temple. Once you defeat Piety, take the tower key and return to Grigor. Your reward will be a skill point.

The Sceptre of God

The entrance of The Imperial Gardens is located in The Ebony Barracks and not too far north-northeast from the waypoint. Follow the road to the waypoint. If there is a road that goes right at the waypoint, follow this road. Otherwise, keep following the road until there is a road to turn right. This will lead you the The Sceptre of God. Ascend the 6 levels and you will meet Dominus at the top. Defeat Dominus and talk to Lady Dialla. The entrance to Act 4 opens.

A Fixture of Fate (Optional)

A Fixture of Fate is the last quest in this Path of Exile act three quest guide. The Library is an area located off The Imperial Gardens. Find Siosa in The Libarary and he gives you this quest. Not far from Siosa, there is a loose candle on the wall. The candle opens the passage to The Archives. Find the four golden pages in The Archives and return to Siosa. Your reward is a choice of skill gems, but more importantly, you are now able to buy most of the skill gems from Siosa.

Quick Act Three Walkthrough

  1. Talk to Clarissa and enter Sarn Encampment
  2. Go to Slums, Crematorium, find Tolman. Return to Sarn Encampment.
  3. Get sewer keys from Clarissa. Go to slums and sewer.
  4. Find the three platinum busts in the sewer. Exit to The Marketplace.
  5. Make your way to the Battlefront and find waypoint. Return to the Sarn Encampment. Turn in Victario’s Secrets.
  6. Waypoint back to the Battlefront. Get Ribbon spool.
  7. Go to the Docks and get the thaumetic sulphite.
  8. Travel to the Solaris Temple. Find Lady Dialla on level two. Turn in all quests. Receive infernal talc.
  9. Travel to sewers. Remove undying blockage. Exit to Ebony Barracks.
  10. Kill General Gravicius. Enter Lunaris Temple.
  11. Fight Piety in level two of the Lunaris Temple. Get key.
  12. Return to Sarn Encampment. Turn in Piety’s Pets.
  13. Waypoint back to the Ebony Barracks and enter The Imperials Gardens.
  14. Enter The Sceptre of God.
  15. Fight Dominus.
  16. Skip A Swig of Hope. You can also skip A Fixture of Fate unless you want access to more skill gems.

On to Act Four

That is the all for this Path of Exile act three quest guide. Up next is act four, which will be coming soon.

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