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path of exile act 4

Once you defeat Dominus, you arrive at The Aqueduct to begin Act 4 in Path of Exile. In this act, you will fight your way through a mountain and then a beast to defeat the end boss, Malachai. This Path of Exile act 4 quest guide will hopefully provide some assistance to those who need it.

Path of Exile is free to play and can be downloaded HERE.

The Path of Exile act 4 map is HERE.

Tip: You do not need to talk to the quest givers to get the quests. Once you complete the objective, you will automatically receive the quest.

Skill Point Rewards

There is only one quest with a skill point reward in Act 4.

  • An Indomitable Spirit

The Eternal Nightmare

This quest is the main quest line in Act 4. It tasks you to travel to Highgate. Make your way through The Aquaduct and talk to Lady Dialla and Oyun in Highgate. The quest objective now shows that you need to find a way into the mountain. Once the quest Breaking the Seal has been completed, you are now asked to find the rapture device. Enter The Mines.

Once you travel through 2 levels of The Mines and The Crystal Veins, you reach Lady Dialla and the rapture device. You are now informed that you must power the rapture device with gems from Kaom and Daresso. The portals to their dreams are beside Lady Dialla. You must enter each and defeat Kaom and Daresso.

Once the rapture device is powered up, it blows an entrance and you are requested to enter the Belly of the Beast. Once inside, you are tasked to destroy the Beast within. You will fight your way through two levels in The Belly of the Beast and end up fighting Piety.

Defeating Piety grants you entrance into The Harvest. There is a short way to travel until you meet up with Piety again and you will need to find a way into the black core. At this time, you will get the quest Corpus Malachus. Completing it will grant you entrance. Inside, you will fight 2 phases of Malachai.  Kill malachai and talk to Tasuni.

Breaking the Seal

This quest is acquired after talking to Lady Dialla and Oyun. You need to find Deshret’s Banner in teh Dried Lake. Once you have the banner, use it to break Deshret’s Seal and open the entrance to the mines in Highgate. Talk to Oyun for your reward which will be the choice of minion skill gems.

path of exile act 4

An Indomitable Spirit

In Highgate, find Tasuni who is east of the waypoint. He will give you this quest. You must find Deshret’s spirit. The spirit is in level 2 of The Mines, usually located near the entrance to The Crystal Veins. The unique boss Hammerstorm guards the spirit. He is not hard to defeat but stay out of his spinning hammer mechanic as it can hit pretty hard. This quest can be easy to forget but is important as it gives a passive skill point and 2 refund points. Talk to Tasuni back in Highgate for your skill point reward.

The King of Fury

This quest is received when you find Lady Dialla at the rapture device in The Crystal Veins. Enter Kaom’s Dream. You will need to travel through Kaom’s Dream and into Kaom’s stronghold. Meandering through ledges and various bridges, you will find the entrance to The Caldera of the King. Inside will King Kaom. This is a fire based fight in a small space that can be a little tough. There are three areas that shoot fireballs but only two are active at a time. Try to stand near the area that is inactive. They will also flash when changing giving you a warning to move to the next inactive area. Defeat Kaom and take the Eye of Fury and give it to Dialla in The Crystal Veins.

The King of Desire

You get this quest and The King of Fury at the same time. You will travel through Daresso’s Dream to reach The Grand Arena. One aspect of Daresso’s dream is the arena “traps.” There are 3-4 small arenas where the gates will close and you must defeat waves of enemies to open the gates. The last arena is quite large and contains the unique boss Barkhul.

Tip: In the last Arena with Barkhul, stay right at the entrance and fight the waves of monsters. This way, you will not aggro the other side and get overwhelmed. With the change to 10 acts, this arena is not nearly as difficult as it was in cruel and merciless difficulties, but I still stay on one side.

Before you reach Daresso, you go through 3 large arenas. The last one will contain three unique bosses and a lot of mobs. This can be quite difficult, so be aware of this. You will end up at Daresso. Killing him will grant you the Eye of Desire. Lady Dialla will have your skill gem reward back in Highgate once you complete this quest and The King of Fury.

Corpus Malachus

You will need to gather Malachai’s organs to proceed into The Black Core. There are three bosses scattered around The Harvest in arenas.

  • Deodre Darktongue – Malachai’s lungs
  • Shavronne of Umbra – Malachai’s entrails
  • Maligaro, The Inquisitor – Malachai’s heart

Two of the bosses are located on the western side of The Harvest and one in the eastern side. Once you retrieve all three organs, give them to Piety to complete the quest.

Tip: Once you give the organs to Piety and open The Black Core, you must enter at that time. If you leave and the instance resets, you will need to get the organs again.

path of exile act 4

Return to Oriath

Once you defeat Malachai, you will talk to Tasuni. He will give you this quest which will lead you to Act 5. You will access the ascent from the eastern side of Highgate near Lady Dialla and Oyun. Your objective is to find The Resonator which teleports you to the next act.

Path of Exile Act 4 Walkthrough

Path of Exile act 4 is mostly linear. There is not much you can do to change the order of the quests, but here is generally how the act goes.

  1. Aqueduct to Highgate
  2. Go to The Dried Lake and get Desheret’s Banner. Use it to break the seal on the mountain in Highgate.
  3. Travel through both mine levels reach The Crystal Veins. Find Lady Dialla at the rapture device.
  4. Enter Daresso and Kaom’s dreams and defeat them. Turn in the Eyes of Desire and Fury to Lady Dialla. Enter The Belly of the Beast.
  5. Go through two levels of the Belly of the Beast and Fight Piety. Continue on into The Harvest.
  6. Meet up with Piety. Fight the three bosses to collect Malachai’s organs.
  7. Enter The Black Core and kill Malachai.
  8. Go to the Ascent and find The Resonator to travel to Act 5.

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