Path of Exile 3.4 – What We Know So Far

Path of Exile 3.4 is on track to be released on August 31, 2018. From what has been released, we know players will have an “infinite” dungeon to explore. The only problem is you must be near light or the darkness will get you. Light can come from the crawler you follow in the dungeon or flares which allow you to explore areas away from the crawler.

I tend to like more of the monsters appear in maps and acts such as Abyss and Incursion, but I will definitely be playing anyway, even if I decide to skip the league mechanic.

Path of Exile 3.4 Official Trailer

Delve Challenge Rewards

Like other leagues, you get rewards for finishing a certain amount of challenges. For Delve, 12 challenges will reward you with a canary pet. You will receive an Azurite back attachment at 24 challenges, and Delve portal effect at 36. They also hint towards rewarding pieces of a Delve Totem Pole hideout decoration for challenge completion.

New Uniques!

Path of Exile 3.4

Soulwrest Ezomyte Staff:

Demon Stitcher Satin Gloves:

Crown of the Tyrant Magistrate Crown:

Mark of Submission Unset Ring:

Divination Cards

Path of Exile 3.4

More divination cards:

Quality of Life Changes

Path of Exile 3.4 features quite a few QOL changes. Below are the ones that have been revealed.

Item filter custom sounds:

Right click a stash tab to send it all the way to the left:

Light beams on loot:

Socketable Currency

Path of Exile 3.4

More socketable currency:

Instant Casting Skills

New Skills

Several new skills are being added which include:

Herald of Purity:

Scourge Arrow:

Other Items

Mapping Changes:

New Unique Map – Doryani’s Machinarium:

Path of Exile 3.4 frequently asked questions:

Hopefully Delve is as exciting to play as it is to read about. I will give it a go, but it seems a lot like Beastiary which was quite unpopular. However, you can always skip the league mechanic and continue to play this awesome game.


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