Path of Exile 3.2 – Juggernaut Build Review – Part 2

juggernaut build review

Acts one through five on my marauder went very well. I was able to get through Act five with only two deaths and basically did not have any problems. Now we get to acts six through ten where resistances need attention and the game gets overall a little more demanding. This is part two of my juggernaut build review. This part will cover up to the finish of Act 10 and level 70.

The build can be found on the Path of Exile Forums HERE.

The first part of this review can be found HERE.

After Kitava

The fight with Kitava in Act Five was surprisingly easy. I was thinking the rest of the game with this build was going to be very easy. Going through Act six, I started actually feeling the hits now. Undoubtedly, this was due in part to the decrease in my resistances and also my weapons were not the greatest.

I ended up buying The Belt of the Deceiver and Maligaro’s Virtuosity deerskin gloves. While these were nice additions, it was still a struggle on some of the tougher bosses and uniques. I decided not to spend anything on upgrades until I hit level 60, hoping to get some loot to help. While I got some minor upgrades to gear, resistances were still a struggle.

I had planned to run the normal labyrinth around level 50, but forgot and ran it around level 53. The build performed well and it was very easy. I followed the guide and took unflinching. This was a game changer.

Unflinching gives:

  • 30% chance to gain an endurance charge when you are hit
  • 25% chance that if you would gain endurance charges, you instead gain up to your maximum number of endurance charges
  • Gain an endurance charge every second if you’ve been hit recently
  • +1 to maximum endurance charges

With the endurance charge nodes already taken in the skill tree, unflinching gives almost an instant 7 endurance charges. This pumps our resistances up 28%. I could definitely feel the difference in the amount of damage my character was taking.

Level 60

At level 60, I added 3 more pieces of gear. I followed the guide’s recommendation and purchased two Scaeva. These were a tremendous upgrade over my poor self found swords. I would highly recommend using these at level 60. I also purchased a Starkonja’s Head silken hood that adds a little more defense and dps. Deploying the ancestral warchief adds a tremendous amount of extra damage and is recommended against tougher enemies.

Once these pieces were added, running through the acts were no problem at all, although I did have one hiccup at Arakaali where I died. Of course, the end of act bosses were tough and my life did get kind of low, but I never died. I did not even die at Kitava in Act 10, which was a first for me. I did Kitava at level 68, but did not with the Ahn’s Might swords which could be equipped at 68. Kitava was done with the Scaeva.

After I defeated Kitava, I purchased two Ahn’s Might midnight blades. These upped my dps tremendously and now completes all the uniques that the build needs. Now I need to focus on finding upgrades to my rares.

I farmed from level 68 to 70 in The Blood Aqueduct and The Ossuary. I also did cruel lab at 68 with no problem and took undeniable as stated in the guide.

Low Budget Build?

I wanted to do this juggernaut build review to see how this particular marauder performed. The build is advertised as a league starter build and it probably was when it was created in the previous league. I would characterize this build as a low budget build, but borderline league starter. My two Ahn’s Might swords cost 13 chaos orbs alone at which time I had only found 2 chaos orbs coming up through the acts.

So how could I afford the more expensive items? This dropped:

juggernaut build review

This turned out to be a Taste of Hate flask, which I sold for 2 exalted orbs.

At level 70 this is what I have spent on gear:

  • Maligaro’s Virtuosity deerskin gloves – 1 alchemy orb
  • The Belt of the Deceiver – 1 alchemy orb
  • Starkonja’s Head silken hood – 5 chaos orbs
  • Scaeva gladius x2 – 1 chaos orb and 1 alchemy orb
  • Ahn’s Might midnight blade x2 – 13 chaos orbs
  •  Total: 19 chaos orbs and 3 alchemy orbs

This gives some perspective on what you might spend reaching level 70. As the league ages, these prices will probably go down some. With the way the build performs, 20 chaos orbs are well worth it. Damage and defense are both great. No mana issues since well before act five.

That is it for part two of this juggernaut build review. Now on to maps and finding gear upgrades to see how far this build can go!



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