Path of Exile 3.2 – Juggernaut Build Review – Part 1

path of exile juggernaut buildPath of Exile 3.2 was introduced on March 2, 2018. The new league is named The Bestiary and revolves around throwing nets to capture creatures. Capturing creatures opens up crafting recipes, special instances, etc. Regardless of what you think about the league, Path of Exile is still a great game. I searched the forums and came upon this juggernaut build. It is supposed to be able to do most of the content in the game as well as a good starter build.

As I started playing it, I happened to check the prices on the unique swords this build uses, Ahn’s Might. Unfortunately, these swords are quite expensive for a starter build. It looks like it will take at least 20-30 chaos orbs to purchase the swords. Since I already had time invested in the character, I decided to continue on and see what I could do.

The build can be found on the Path of Exile forums HERE.

Juggernaut Build: The Beginning

Starting a marauder, you start off with heavy strike and ruthless support gems. I used these to kill Hillock and took Cleave as the reward for completing the first quest. Once I obtained a couple of swords, I switched over to cleave. This is the main skill that you will use through end game. I had not played a cleave character before, so this was another thing that drew me to this build. I also took ancestral protector to help with stronger creatures.

As I went through the Acts, I added melee physical damage, maim, and multistrike support gems to cleave. This is on a pair of white boots that had four red, linked sockets. I was also able to add melee physical damage and main to ancestral protector which was then replaced with ancestral warchief.

Maligaro’s Virtuosity unique gloves were purchased for 1 orb of alchemy. I had enough currency to obtain four sockets and placed herald of ash, hatred, and ice golem in the gloves. That is the only equipment I have purchased. All my other gear is found and nothing special.

At the moment, the build is quite powerful. I have only died three times. One was an AFK death and another I had too many creatures attacking me. The other death was at Avarius in which I had him down to 1% health. The Dominus, Malachai, and Kitava were deathless.

The build is coming together quite well and I am excited to find out how well it does going forward. After completing Act Five, I went back and did all the trials of ascendancy. I plan on running normal lab around level 50.

Below are a few videos of this juggernaut build in action. Now to figure out how to afford two Ahn’s Might swords.

Part two of the review can be found HERE.




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