Path of Exile Act Two Quest Guide

Path of Exile Act Two Quest Guide

Once you have killed Merveil, you arrive in The Southern Forest. You will still have the quest “The Way Forward” which wants you to find the forest encampment. The Southern Forest is not very big. You will just need to follow the edge of the water which leads you northward. The forest encampment is the main quest hub and town in Act Two. This Path of Exile act two quest guide will help you find and complete the quests in act two. It will also give info on what quest rewards are offered for each quest.

The Act Two map can be found HERE.

Skill Point Rewards

There are 2 quests in Act Two that offer skill points.

  • The Way Forward
  • Deal with the Bandits – Kill all

The Way Forward 

poe12This is a holdover quest from Act One. Once you arrive at the forest encampment, talk to Silk. He will instruct you to go to The Western Forest. Travel down the road in The Western Forest until you reach a group of enemies with a unique boss, Captain Arteri. Captain Arteri will drop the Thaumetic Emblem which will break the Thaumetic Seal, clearing the way. Travel back to Lioneye’s in Act One and talk to Bestel to receive your skill point.

The Great White Beast (Optional)

This quest is obtained from Yeena. You must find the Den in the The Old Fields and then search through the caves for The Great White Beast. Defeat him and return to the forest encampment. Talk to Yeena for the reward, which for this quest is a choice of rare belts.


Deal With The Bandits

Eramir in the forest encampment begins this quest. This quest works a little different than the others. You are asked to kill all 3 bandits. However, you can disregard this and choose to help one of the bandits. If you choose to help, you will be asked to kill the other 2 and return to the bandit you have helped. If you help Eramir and killing all 3, you will receive a skill point in all 3 acts. Helping individual bandits will give you different rewards depending on what difficulty (normal, cruel, merciless) you are in.

Bandit Location Normal Cruel Merciless
Oak The Wetlands Maximum Life +40 16% More Physical Damage Endurance Charges +1
Kraityn The Broken Bridge All Elemental Resistances +10 8% More Attack Speed Frenzy Charges +1
Alira The Western Forest Maximum Mana +60 5% More Cast Speed Power Charges +1

Intruders in Black

This quest is started by talking to Greust in the forest encampment. You must travel to The Chamber of Sins which is located down the western path at The Crossroads. There are 2 levels in The Chamber. Locate Piety who will then disappear and you will need to fight Felditas and a couple of regular mobs. Once Felditas is defeated, grab the baleful gem from the experiment and talk to Helena.

Once you talk to Helena in The Chamber of Sins, travel back to the forest encampment and talk to Helena again. Complete the request by talking to Greust to receive your reward. You will have 5 skill gems to choose from depending on your class in normal difficulty and flask rewards in cruel and merciless.

Sharp and Cruel

Once you have done Intruders in Black, you can talk to Silk to receive the quest Sharp and Cruel. Find the Weaver’s Chambers in the Western Forest and the search for the Weaver’s Nest. Defeat the Weaver and collect Maligaro’s Spike. Return to the forest encampment. Talk to Silk to receive your skill gem reward for normal/cruel difficulties and armor for merciless.

The Root of the Problem

After you have the Baleful Gem and Maligaro’s Spike in your inventory, you can talk to Helena in the forest encampment to receive this quest. In The Western Forest, on the opposite side where you enter, there lies the tree roots you can now clear. There is also a waypoint right there. Grab the waypoint and enter the cave. You will then need to find a way through the Vaal ruins. Once you have succeeded in traversing through the Vaal Ruins, you emerge into The Northern Forest and the quest goes away. Proceed until you get to the waypoint and travel back to the forest encampment and talk to Yeena to receive the next quest.

Through Sacred Ground (Optional)

poe14This quest is obtained from Yeena after completing The Great White Beast. It wants you to travel to The Crypt. Once inside The Crypt, you are instructed to find the Golden Hand. There are two levels to the crypt and at the end of the second level, there is an altar that contains the Golden Hand. Defeat the unique boss, obtain the hand, and travel back to the forest encampment. Yeena will reward you with with your choice of unique jewels and a Book of Regrets which gives you 2 passive skill respec points.

Shadow of the Vaal

This quest is obtained from Yeena after finishing The Root of the Problem. Once you talk to Eramir, you travel back to The Northern Forest and locate the entrance to the caverns which lead to the Ancient Pyramid. Make your way through the caverns and up the stairs of the Ancient Pyramid. At the apex, you will fight the Vaal Oversoul. Once this monstrosity is defeated, exit to the City of Sarn and begin Act 3. Shadow of the Vaal is the last Path of Exile Act Two quest.

Quest Tips

The Western Forest: The Western Forest contains 3 quests. For economical questing, you will want to get all three done while you are there. Luckily, there is a waypoint right in the center. The bandit Alira and The Weaver’s Nest are randomly located on the sides of the region.

Run down the road that divides the region. At the end of the road is where you will find the Thaumetic Seal. While running down the road, make note of which side you see spiders and/or spider webs. That will be the side The Weaver’s Nest is on.

The bandit Alira will be on the opposite side that The Weaver’s Nest is on. As you are running down the road, look for a path with loosely placed bricks/blocks in it. This will lead you to Alira.

Save Portal Scrolls: Although portal scroll drops are common, when you first start out, you may have a limited supply. In Path of Exile, you are placed back into the main town when you log out or become disconnected. If you need to go back to town, press the “esc” key and choose character log in screen. Then, log back into the character and you will be back into the town in the act and difficulty you were in.

The one bad thing about this is that if you become disconnected or the game crashes, you are placed back into the town and will need to travel back to where you were. Luckily, the regions have a certain time before they reset, so you may not have to fight through the enemies again, but if they do reset, you will need to do everything all over again.

Quests Not Needed: You do not need to actually talk to the particular quest giver to do the quest. For example, killing the Weaver before you have the quest “Sharp and Cruel” will still give you the spike and the quest will automatically appear in your quest log.

This can speed up leveling by saving the time used to talk to the various NPCs around the camps and towns. You will still need to turn in various quests for rewards and follow-up quests.

Reverse Bandit Rewards: Although you should have which bandit rewards you want planned out, you can change them later if you want. Depending on which bandit reward you want, you will need to obtain an amber amulet for Oak, jade amulet for Kraityn, Lapis amulet for Alira, or onyx amulet for Eramir.

You will then trade this amulet along with 20 orbs of regret to a vendor. The Book of Reform you receive can then be used to change the bandit reward. One thing to note, this book must be consumed in the difficulty for the reward you want to change.

Changing the bandit rewards comes at a steep price, so it is recommended you get the reward you want the first time around.

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