Path of Exile Act One Quest Guide

path of exile act one quest map

If you play enough MMOs, you know that quests are a way of life. It is a big part of gaining experience and leveling up. Path of Exile is no different in that it has quests. The difference is that you gain experience killing enemies. The quests are for guiding you along the story and rewards. This Path of Exile act one quest guide was created as sometimes it can become a little confusing on where to go.

[box type=”info”]The quests below are listed in the order you receive them. An asterisk (*) beside the quest means the quest is optional. You don’t need to do the optional quests but some are recommended as they will give you passive skill points which are important.[/box]

Enemy at the Gate

path of exile act one quest guideWhen you first start a character, you are introduced into the world unconscious and waterlogged. Using one of your movement keys will wake you up. There is a weapon in front of you and an NPC with a “!” over them. Grab the weapon and talk to the NPC. While this looks like a normal quest, all it does is introduces you to an enemy. Killing the enemy will give you a skill gem. Equip the skill gem in your weapon and head north.

As you head north, you will run into a boss named Hillock. Once you kill him, the quest Enemy at the Gate will appear. Walk through the gate to get to Lioneye’s Watch.

One in the town, talk to the NPC Tarkleigh for your reward. There will be three skill gems, one of each color, and you get to choose one.

That is it for your first path of exile act one quest.

Mercy Mission

You will now notice that Nessa and Bestel both have quest markers above their heads. Talk to Nessa and you will receive the quest Mercy Mission. It will now instruct you to talk to Bestel. After talking to Bestel, you will be instructed to travel to the tidal island to find a medicine chest.

Head out of Lioneye’s Watch into The Coast. Just travel along the water as best you can until you see a waypoint. The entrance to the tidal island is near the waypoint.

You are looking for a boss named Hailrake. He will drop the medicine chest when you kill him. Pick this up and portal/waypoint/run back to Lioneye’s.

Talk to Nessa to receive your reward.


A Dirty Job *

Talk to Bestel and then Tarkleigh to receive your next quest. This quest is marked as optional and will show up in blue text. These quests are, as you might guess, optional. But where is the next story quest? It is called Breaking Some Eggs and is covered in the next section.

Travel through the coast to the entrance of The Mud Flats. This is also along the waterfront. Once in The Mud Flats, travel northward until you find the Fetid Pool.

You will need to kill everything in this area. It is not a big area, so this does not require much time. There is one boss in here, but not much of a problem.

Head back to town to talk to Tarkleigh. Your reward for this quest is a book of regrests which grants you 2 passive skill respec points, in case you need to reallocate points in the skill tree.

Breaking Some Eggs

Once you are in the Mud Flats, search around and find the rhoa nests. A nest will show up as a yellow “!” on your map. These will contain glyphs. Once you pick up one glyph, you will get the quest. There are three glyphs to find.

Once you have all three, find the passageway in the north that is also marked with a yellow “!.” Click on the wall to open the submerged passage.

Return to Lioneye’s and talk to Tarkleigh for you reward. You will get four skill gems to pick from.

path of exile breaking some eggs

The Way Forward

The way forward is the next quest in the Path of Exile act one quest guide. This quest is obtained from Tarkleigh after completing the Breaking Some Eggs quest. There is no specific zone indicated, except the paths between all the areas on the map is highlighted, indicating you need to keep heading forward through all the zones.

This quest’s purpose is actually guiding you to Act 2 where you will finish it. You will pick up additional main quests as you go.

The Dweller of the Deep *

path of exile the flooded depthsTarkleigh also has this quest for finishing Breaking Some Eggs. You will need to find the Flooded Depths which is located in the Submerged Passage. I have found that this area is located usually southwest from the entrance to the cave.

Once you find and kill The Deep Dweller, a crablike monster, travel back to Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Tarkleigh. You will then receive a passive skill point to use in the skill tree.

The Caged Brute

Once you make your way through The Ledge and The Climb, you enter The Prison. The Caged Brute quest appears and asks you to travel back to Lioneye’s watch. Talking to Nessa in Lioneye’s will give you a skill gem reward.

Make your way through the two levels of the prison and kill Brutus. After you kill Brutus, an entrance to The Prisoner’s Gate will open up. Go through the door and you will be right near a waypoint. Take this back to Lioneye’s Watch.

Talk to Tarkleigh to get your skill gem reward.

The Siren’s Cadence

path of exile the sirens cadenceOnce you make it to The Ship Graveyard. Grab the waypoint and travel back to town. Nessa will have the next main quest, The Siren’s Cadence. Return to The Ship Graveyard and find the entrance to The Cavern of Wrath.

Upon entering the cavern, get the waypoint and travel back to Lioneye’s Watch. Nessa will have a skill gem reward for you. Travel back to the cavern.

Find the entrance to the second level of Merveil’s Caverns, The Cavern of Anger. Traverse your way through the cavern until you find Merveil’s Lair. Here, you will kill Merveil and exit into Act Two.

The Marooned Mariner *

While you are in The Ship Graveyard, look for an NPC named Captain Fairgraves. He is normally in the eastern-northeastern part of the map. He will give you this quest. This quest is fairly important, as it gives you a skill point.

Search around the map and find the entrance to The Ship Graveyard Cave. Search for the slave girl here. Her body will have the Allflame on it. Return to Fairgraves.

Captain Fairgraves will turn against you once you talk to him again. He will also have skeletal minions. Kill Fairgraves and return to Lioneye’s. Talk to Bestel to get your skill point.



On to Act Two

That is it. You are now in The Southern Forest and ready to proceed into Act Two. I hope this Path of Exile act one quest guide help someone out, as I was a little confused on where to go in a few places.

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