Path of Exile 3.2 Details!

Path of Exile 3.2It has been almost 3 months since the start of the Abyss League, so that means another league is almost upon us. Grinding Gear Games gave us a sneak peek Thursday on what we can expect in Path of Exile 3.2. From the looks of it, this will be a very interesting league.

The Bestiary

The bestiary is the main mechanic of this league. Players will be tasked with going out and capturing the beasts of Path of Exile and placing them in your own zoo or “menagerie.” These beasts will then be sacrificed to craft items. This is a complete change of direction from previous leagues that involved players reacting with an item and killing the many creatures that would then spawn.

Another part of the bestiary, is the addition of Einhar Frey. Not sure whether this is another forsaken master to join the likes of Elreon, Vorici, etc., but it looks that way. Einhar will be involved with capturing beasts and beastcrafting.

Spirit beast portals are another addition to the game that players will be able to craft. These portals promise powerful crafting and items.

Uber Elder

In the Abyss League, the Elder and Shaper fought over control of the Atlas and were separate battles. In 3.2, it seems both can be in the same map, and players will have the opportunity to fight both at the same time.

Other Announcements

  • 29 new unique items and 30 more powerful “fated” uniques.
  • Ascendancy changes
  • 10 new divination cards
  • New quest in act 10


This is a very ambitious change of direction to Path of Exile. Time will tell how successful the league is. One must commend GGG for thinking outside of the box. The only concern I have is how powerful the new items and beast mechanics will be. Hopefully it will add to the fun that is Path of Exile and not make players overpowered and content trivial.Path of Exile Bestiary

It will also be interesting if the new uniques will add anything to the game. One of the uniques announced looks interesting, Greedtrap. These slippers don’t add much to builds, they do add 12% increased item quantity. It will be fun seeing the builds using these with Bisco’s Collar and Ventor’s Gamble to increase item drops.

The official announcement can be found at

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