Leveling 5-10 in Asta

Asta - QuestingWhen we last left our adventurer, we had just begun the journey to max level in Asta. Questing, as in other MMORPGs, is very easy when first starting off and you gain levels quickly, although it doesn’t seem as quick as other games. The quests are sorted into mostly quest hubs with 2-3 quests per hub. It seems the main story quests are a dark-orange color and the normal quests yellow. Quests are not much different throughout up to level 10 (technically I’m at 9-1/2).


I Want a Mount, Dang It

As in most games, walking around gets rather old and you start thinking about how to get a mount. You come across many stables and some offer mounts but they cost something called Tai Tokens, which you don’t have (more on these later). Don’t despair, the quests conveniently lead you to obtaining a mount. I am now the owner of a green-floating-dragon thing. The mount doesn’t really walk, it floats through the air. Let me be clear though, it is not a flying mount. I am not sure if this game has flying mounts, but although this one flies through the air, it is really a land-based mount. It can still jump though.


Asta Group Quests

Quest8As you are questing, you will come across special group quests called public quests. So far, these have been mainly kill a certain amount of these enemies, then the creatures you have just been killing transform into different enemies, and after killing a number of these, you get a boss-like creature. This seems to reward you a Tai Token and a loot box if you score high enough or just a loot box with a lower score. Completing the quest did not seem to reward a lot of experience though. We have just found out one way to get Tai Tokens.

What is That?

Quest9As good as the game eased you in with tool tips for questing, I cannot find what the weird contraption to the left of the actions bars is. If you hover over it, a “T” will show up, evidently alerting you to press “T” to use. In the middle is an image of a piece of gear called a talisman which you equip. It seems to offer stat upgrades but the game is a little vague here. As you fight, the circle becomes yellow and then the 5 circles will start lighting up. Obviously, this seems like it is charging, and I assume the more circles colored in the more powerful. Maybe? I wish the game was a little more clearer on this. I pressed “T” when it was fully charged and I did not seem to kill any faster. This may be something I need to research.

Stat Enhancements?

Another what is it, although it is pretty self-explanatory. There are 3 types of stat enhancements, normal, gold, and advanced. The normal does not have a cost associated with it. I have only done the normal enhancement. Ya, I’m cheap, but I also do not have the currency to do the others. When you do a normal stat enhancement, it is sort of like a slot machine. The numbers for each stat roll by and stop. You then gain the stats. It does say your stats can decrease. I have not done enough experimenting with this, so I might make a post dedicating to stat enhancement in the future. This is one area the game deviates from other MMORPGs.


A side note

You might say just Google something I don’t know about, but I am doing it this way to show how well a game is set up for new players to the game and especially players new to MMORPGs.

Dungeons open up at level 7 and there is a dungeon finder. So my next post will probably be about the first dungeon experience.


Asta - Dungeon

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