Introduction to Dungeons in Asta

As in most MMORPGs, Asta has dungeons. At level 7, the game lets you know that you now have access to the dungeon finder. Pressing the “O” key will bring this up, unless you have remapped it to another key. As you can see below, there are 3 initial dungeons in the dungeon finder with recommended levels of 7-13. One interesting thing to note is that there are options to que for 3 or 5 person dungeons. It seems the 3-person dungeons do not require the typical trinity roles as they are grayed out. My character is a human warrior belonging to the Asu faction. As you go through the quests, you will end up in the Spring of Vitality dungeon. Asta deviates from the norm in that arriving at the entrance gives you the option of 3 difficulty levels, easy, normal, and hard. As you can see below, the difficulty is dependent on the number of people is recommended.

Asta Dungeon Finder

Asta Dungeon Difficulty

Solo Dungeons?

Yes, Asta lets you do dungeons solo, at least for the first dungeon you come to. The dungeon is basically one room. Spring of Vitality MapIt has 3 types of adds in it, Elite Plunderers, Elite Masked Plunderers, and Elite Masked Bowmen. There are 3 Elite Plunderers that patrol in small areas and the Masked adds are group in pairs. As it is the first dungeon, there isn’t a lot of complexity here. The dungeon objectives appear to the right in your quest area. In this dungeon, the objectives are to kill all of Jangmugo’s men and then Jangmugo himself. Interestingly, the quest says there are 10 of his men to kill but there are really 11 in the dungeon. Jangmugo will spawn after the 10th one is killed.


The Bosses in the First Dungeons are Easy, Right?

Solo and at around the lower recommended levels, this boss was a little tough. Normally, bosses in the introductory dungeons are very easy, absent of any mechanics or maybe one. Jangmugo has 3. The first you will come across is earth split. This will be a purple cone shaped area in front of him. It is very easy to avoid, just run behind him. Right after that, the second mechanic is earthquake, which will knock you down. The third is eruption of fury. He will pull you to him and there will be a large circle around him. Again, as long as you are looking for it, it is easy to run out of.

Jangmugo Earth SplitJangmugo Eruption of Fury

That’s It!

Kill Jungmugo and collect your reward. I did this at level 8 solo, and it was not that easy. The packs of 2 adds drained my health pretty well and I had to use my first aid between packs. Jangmugo really put a hurting on me even though I avoided all the mechanics. I had to use several vials of mock strawberry juice to keep my health up, but I was able to kill him. The loot includes a random blue (called Hero) weapon and some coin.

Asta Spring of Vitality Loot

That is it for the first dungeon. I am going to try the dungeon finder in the next installment. We will see how long dungeon ques are and what differences, if any, are in the 3 or 5 man dungeons. One interesting thing to note looking at the dungeon finder, there is a raid tab indicating that there is a raid finder too. Just an interesting observation.



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