How To Make Archeage Gold On Legacy Servers

Farming for Archeage Gold

Want to make enough Archeage gold to have free Patron status? Costumes? Mounts? Farm Freighter? Keep reading below on how to get started on your way to achieving this for just an hour or two a day.

Archeage is an MMORPG published by Trion that was released to North America in 2014. It is generally called a “sandbox” MMORPG as, in a lot of the zones, anything goes. You can be killed by players of the opposing faction and even your own faction. Although the latter can bring up charges for the offending player and land them in court.

The game is free to play and can be downloaded at the Archeage website HERE. Although the game is free to play, the developers make it very lucrative to sign up for Patron status, which is like a subscription in pay-to-play games such as World of Warcraft.

As with most MMORPGs, gold, silver, and copper are the currencies of choice. This guide will show you how to make on average around 100 gold a day. That adds up to 3000 gold a month. The Apex is Archeage’s real money to gold transfer piece. Ten dollars will by you an Apex, which can then be sold for in-game gold. An Apex is worth 1250 credits.

As with most older MMORPGs, Archeage’s population has decreased in the past few years. This was countered by opening “fresh start” servers. These allow people to play, claim land, and experience a fresh economy. While the fresh start servers seem to have abundant populations, there are still people playing on the “legacy” servers. That is where this guide is going to focus.

What you will need for this guide:
  • Patron – Why do I need to pay for Patron? This guide focuses on farming. You must be a patron to own land. Don’t worry. You can make enough in the first month to pay for your patron status after that. Plus, everything costs labor. As a patron you get a maximum of 5000 labor which regenerates at a rate of 10 labor per 5 minutes. A free account gets 2000 labor at 5 labor per 5 minutes.
  • Two Characters¬†– Why two? Twice the land to farm!

That is it! Now let’s get started.

On Your Way To Making Archeage Gold

The first thing you will want to do is level a character up to around 20-25. Keep an eye out for Blue Salt Brotherhood quests. These quests can give you a small scarecrow farm, large scarecrow farm, and a donkey for transporting trade packs.

Once you complete the quest for the small design, you can deploy it in a housing zone and start farming. Since it’s size is only 8×8, you will want to upgrade it. You can build a 16×16 design which is much better and what we are looking for. This will require materials to be gathered, but the amount is not overwhelming.

Make sure there is enough free land around your first farm to place the second. On legacy servers, I have found plenty of open land for this.

You will need:
  • 100 Lumber
  • 100 iron ingots
  • 50 stone bricks
  • 25 leather
  • 25 fabric

I normally chop down trees and mine for the lumber, ingots, and bricks. The auction house is used for the fabric and leather as they are not that expensive.

Later on, you will get a quest for a 16×16 farm. This requires transporting a trade pack over a great distance and into hostile PVP lands. I have not tried this, as the possibility of losing my trade pack and time is not worth it.

Once you have one farm constructed and on the ground, you can start farming to make some gold while your second account is leveled and has a farm just like the first. You can now use one character to farm on both plots.

What to Plant – Passive vs Active

What to plant entirely depends on what is selling for a good price. You will learn what is a good price and what items sell the best on your server.

Passive vs Active? While these may not be accurate terms, I use them to describe the various items you can farm. I use the term passive to describe the items that you can place and harvest without needing to place again. Fruit trees are a good example. You plant them and can continue to harvest. Occasionally, one will die and you will need to replant, but for the most part, they are the easiest and quickest way to farm.

Active farming items refer to things you place and then harvest and then will need to place again. These slow you down, but usually grants your more for your labor. Something like corn is a good example. You plant corn, wait for it to mature, harvest it, and then plant more.

You Need Diversity

Sure, you can plant both of your farms with only one type of item and might do well. What if the market tanks for what you are growing? That is why I like to plant many different items. I will have 1 or 2 types of fruit trees, some animals, and plants.

Usually I like to have at least 100 plants growing at a time. At harvest time, this will get you between 300-400 units to sell. At a median of 3 silver apiece, this will net you 12 gold. Doesn’t sound like much, but this is in addition to your other trees, livestock, etc. You can usually find something that will sell for over 4 gold apiece.

Another thing to watch for is the growing time. Some plants and trees take longer to grow and you will need to factor this into your playing time.

Whatever You Do, Plant Grain

Always have some type of grain growing. Why grain? Grain is a major crop to obtain Archeage gold. Even at a lower proficiency, grain still produces.

What you can get from grain:
  • Grain – You can sell just the grain or process it into ground grain. Just look for which is selling at a better price. Remember, processing it into ground grain costs labor, so factor that into your decision.
  • Grain seed – Not really that helpful, but these occasionally show up and means less seed to buy for replanting.
  • Hay bale – ¬†These sell very well and usually for 20-30 silver apiece.
  • Royal seed – This is what you are looking for. These sell real well and usually, on my server, for around 10 gold apiece.

As you can see, grain can be very profitable. All crops that are in the farming category can produce royal seeds. I normally will have 50+ grain growing and 50+ of another type of farming crop. Harvesting these, usually produces between 1-3 royal seeds. Just 3 royal seeds will bring close to 30 gold.

A lot of plants are in the gathering category. While they can be profitable to sell, they don’t produce royal seeds. Rather, you can receive scented leaves. While these sell very well, their price usually hovers around 1-2 gold.

Why Not Trade Packs?

If you have read anything about making Archeage gold, you probably have read about trade packs. These require you make a trade pack with various ingredients and take it from one place to another. The farther you take it, the more gold you make.

I first started with trade packs. I crafted a farm cart which will haul up to 3 packs at a time. I did not like the time it spent gathering the ingredients, which you either have to buy or grow, and the time spent driving from one place to another. Not to mention either gathering the ingredients for or buying the fuel to make you go faster.

Trade packs no doubt are the better way to go when you get to where you have the bigger haulers and freighters to carry more packs, but for the amount of gold and the time spent, I like this method better, especially for those just starting the game.

That’s All, Now Back to Farming

While this method won’t make you tons of gold and requires a little work, 3000 gold a month is not bad for the amount of time spent.

In under 2 months, I have bought 4 Apex just working on farming for 1 or 2 hours a day. These rest is spent exploring the world and doing other activities. On my server, an Apex is running around 850-900 gold.

One thing to note, free to play does not mean free to develop. Game developers need to make money too. If you like a game put some money into it. I plan on keeping my patron status and getting a “free” subscription for another account.

While some will argue that trade packs are better, which they are probably right, this is how I prefer to make gold in Archeage as I don’t like doing trade packs.

Enjoy the game however you like playing it!

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