GW2 Trading Post Flipping – Update

GW2 Trading Post

One aspect of MMORPGs I love is the economy and making currency. I usually try to be one of the richest players in the game. While I always fail at being the richest, normally I can afford almost anything I need. I started this “challenge” a few months ago. I wanted to see how long it would take to turn 11 silver into 2500 gold using the GW2 trading post. The first part of this journey can be found HERE.

The trading post in Guild Wars 2 is one of the best for making gold. Around 3 years ago, I started flipping on the trading post and was making 20 to 30 gold per day. You can also trade gold for gems instead of using real money on paid accounts.

I returned to guild wars 2 this year, wondering how the population was doing and if the GW2 trading post was still a viable way to make gold. I tested the trading post on my main, paid, account and found you could still turn a little bit of time into currency. I was not anticipating how much slower things sell compared to a few years ago though.

Starting Out Small

I found out one thing. Starting out with only 11 silver is tough. It would be very easy to have all your currency tied up in selling and having to wait until it sells. As a free-to-play account, you are limited on what you can buy and crafting materials are about the best choice when starting out flipping on the GW2 trading post. Considering this, I started out buying the lowest level crafting materials.

Crafting materials move fast, especially the lower level ones. These are also low risk as you can usually buy them for under 20 copper apiece. As they are low risk, they are also low reward.

I started out finding items that gave a good return of around 3-5 copper per sale. Once I had identified some that may be profitable, I would buy one and see how fast it sold. The ones that sold fast, I would buy a stack of 10. The more currency I would gain, the larger the stack.

Toward the end of the first week I had enough silver to start on higher reward items. I found two items that gave me a return of around 1 silver per item. I bought these items for a little over 2 silver and priced them over 3 silver. They were also in high demand, so selling them was not a problem. At the end of the first week, my little stack of 11 silver had turned into almost 2 gold! Unfortunately, the market tanked for these soon after and they were not nearly as profitable.

Below is a list of some lower level, low risk-low reward, items that are good to get started. Keep in mind that the market changes daily. One item that was profitable yesterday may not be today.

  • Blackberries
  • Turnips
  • Tiny claws
  • Tiny fangs
  • Tiny totems
  • Tiny scales

GW2 Trading Post

After Week One

After the first week, I had almost 2 gold to get start making real money. What I found a few years ago is there is a lot of gold to be made in armor and weapons. You might be thinking that rare or exotic armor and weapons is where the money is to be made. That may be, but I like buying and selling fine and masterwork items. These are generally low risk and high reward.

The second week, I branched out into the fine weapons and into the fine armor. You can find some really great items that generate a profit of 10-20+ silver per sale. It doesn’t take many of these to start adding gold to your account.

The fourth week I started into the masterwork items and then a few rare items. Rare items give a greater profit, but also sell slower than rare or masterworks. It is easy to list a rare, have it sit there, and then someone else lists one cheaper than yours.

GW2 Trading Post

The above graph shows my currency progression over the last two months. As you can see, my 11 silver has grown into almost 650 gold! That is quite a bit in guild wars 2. As of writing this, my 650 gold would buy over 2000 gems. Unfortunately, free-to-play accounts cannot buy gems with gold, so keep that in mind if you are playing with a free account.


Here are a few tips for the GW2 trading post that I have learned along the way.

  • Remember that if you list an item, it costs a listing fee. If your item is not selling, you cancel, and re-list it, you are charged another fee. Some times it is better to leave it alone and buy more to sell at a lower price. I left the game for 3 years. When I came back, my items were still being sold. They will eventually sell at some point.
  • Many years ago I would try to buy 10 each of an item each day. Since items don’t seem to sell as well these days, I buy 3 of each item. You will have a lot of items that get out priced, but I just leave them. They will eventually sell. Plus, you tend to make way more gold even with the lost revenue of items that don’t sell immediately.
  • If you have trouble figuring how much in fees it costs to list and sell an item, use a calculator. There are a couple of good ones at GW2TP and GW2Shinies.
  • To find items, I typically take a category like daggers and pick a rarity. I will find an item that looks profitable like buying at 80 copper and selling for 10 silver. I will put in an order to buy just one. If it sells fast, it will go into my buy rotation which is noted in a document or spreadsheet. Every day, I will go through my buy rotation and place orders.
  • Every now and then, I will go through what I am selling and make note of which items are not selling well. These will be removed from my buy list. You will eventually learn what sells well and what doesn’t.
  • This does require work and gold doesn’t just fall into your lap. I spend around 1 hour, sometimes two hours, a day placing orders and selling.

Back to the Trading Post

This is my way of making gold in the GW2 trading post. This is much easier on a paid account as there are more items to buy and sell. It seemed like it would be fun to try on a free account with the limited opportunities.

I am no expert doing this, so if I can do it anyone can. Articles on farming and making gold were always great to read, so I thought I would contribute one and hopefully help someone enjoy this aspect of MMORPGs.

Another method of buying and selling has popped into my head, so I will be trying this new method for a few months. Hopefully, it will save some time. If anyone has any tips or suggestions to add, I would love to hear them.

GW2 Trading Post

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