Guild Wars 2 Gold on a Free to Play Account

Guild Wars 2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 is the follow up to the very popular Guild Wars MMORPG. The original Guild Wars game was released in 2005 with Guild Wars 2 being released in 2012. Originally, Guild Wars 2 followed the original’s monetization model of buy to play. In 2015, ArenaNet decided to offer the base game as free to play. While the free-to-play mode does have its limitations, there is still a wide variety of things to do. In addition, you can use the trading post to purchase or sell items in a limited fashion. That is the basis of this experiment. I will see how long it will take to accumulate a substantial amount of Guild Wars 2 gold on a free-to-play account.

The Trading Post

For those of us how love to delve into playing the market in MMORPGs, Guild Wars 2 gets it right. The auction house is actually called the trading post. This is where you can turn your items into Guild Wars 2 gold. In addition to the normal auction house activities, there are a couple of important features included with the trading post. These are the buy and sell orders.

Buy and sell orders make trading much easier. With the buy orders, you can place an order of each item at the price you want to pay. You will automatically buy the items until someone offers a higher price or you complete your order. Keep in mind that once you place the order, the total price of the full order will be taken out of your currency and held. You can get it back by canceling the order. If you have bought any items with the order, you will get back only the currency held for the unused portion. Sell orders work exactly the same. You basically sell items at your particular price point.

Buy and sell orders make trading semi-automated. As long as your price is right, you will continuously buy and sell things. There is a cost though. The trading post charges a fee to list and also when you sell. There is no charge for placing a buy order. There is a 5% fee to list an item on the trading post. This is nonrefundable and has a minimum of 1 copper. There is also a 10% charge for selling an item with a 1 copper minimum. This is important to keep in mind as these fees can cut into your profits on items with small profit margins.

A good website to keep track of prices of items is GW2TP. This site also has a handy trade calculator so you can get a better idea of your profits before you buy and sell.

The Road to 2500 Guild Wars 2 Gold

I think it would be fun to see how long it would take to make 2500 gold. I have used this method with my main account to accumulate a large amount of gems and decided to see how it played out in the free-to-play edition.

This will be a slightly tougher as a free-to-play character as there are some restrictions. You are only allowed base crafting materials and some armor/weapons are restricted. Still, I think it can be done and can be a good starting point for people who want to play the game before they buy the expansion or expansions.

As you can see below, some items are restricted (lock icon).

Guild Wars 2 Gold

The other restriction a free-to-play account has is the ability to buy gems with gold. If you are wanted to trade your gold for gems, you will need to upgrade with an expansion.

I leveled my character to level 10 and as of right now, I have 11 silver and 83 copper. That is not a lot to start off with and it will be a challenge until I get 1-2 gold. I will need to focus on very cheap items with a low profit margin to start off.

I will give weekly bank account updates and other thoughts, so be sure to check back and see how long it takes me to amass 2500 Guild Wars 2 gold!

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