Factions and Races in Asta

Asta Factions

Asta has a nice variety of races, although not as much as other games, but decent for a free-to-play game. There are 2 factions, Asu and Ora. Asu supposedly represents the lighter or good side where the Asu represents the darker or bad side. There are 3 races to each faction. There are also 5 classes. Human is the only race shared by both sides and also the only race that can be all 5 classes.


There are 5 classes in Asta. These are mostly self explanatory and not unlike other MMORPGs.

  • Warrior
  • Rogue
  • Archer
  • Mage
  • Healer



Choosing a human opens you up to all the classes and also male and female models.

Asta Asu Human MaleAsta Asu Human Female


Unfortunately, Draconians are only available as males and can only be a warrior class.

Asta Asu Draconian Male


Tigerians do have both male and female options, but only the rogue and archer classes are available.

Asta Asu Tigerian Male

Asta Asu Tigerian Female




Human options on the Ora side are basically like the Asu faction. The humans can be male or female and play all 5 classes.

Asta Ora Human Male

Asta Ora Human Female


The Doka race options are limited to male and 2 classes, warrior and rogue.

Asta Ora Doka Male


The Yayo is the final race in the Ora faction. There are male and female options but only the mage and healer classes are available.

Asta Ora Yayo Male

Asta Ora Yayo Female

That is it for the playable factions, races, and classes in Asta. Let’s hope through upcoming patches all races have male and female options and all classes will be available.

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