ESO Mat Farming – Stonefalls

This is the first in a series of posts detailing areas I have come across in Elder Scrolls Online that I believe are good places to farm mats and gold. It is my hope that these areas have not been mentioned in anywhere else on the web. This article deals with mat farming in Stonefalls. While leveling, I came across this area, and it looked like a great place to do some farming runs. The roads in the area produce three-fourths of a circle. The other part is water. It is very easy to follow.

As with all farming, faster is better. This area has very few enemies to fight and three wayshrines border the route, allowing easy access to drop off items to a bank or guild trader.

ESO stonefalls farming

One con this area has is it is kinda small, but finding mats every round doesn’t seem to be a problem. You will also occasionally see other players farming, but I have never had a problem.

As you can see in the map above, the main mats you will find will be plants and fungi. There are wood, mining, and runestone nodes, but they are not in the majority.


There are three wayshrines bordering the area:

  • Brothers of Strife
  • Fort Arand
  • Othrenis

Case Study

To see how much this area makes in an hour, I farmed for 30 mins straight. This was enough time to make several trips around the area.

Keep in mind, this was done on a max level character with blacksmithing, clothing, and woodworking at max levels. My enchanting and alchemy are a few levels from max. Depending on your levels, you will get different materials.

I also have plentiful harvest (10% chance to get double mats) and master gatherer (reduces gathering time by 50%) which are found in The Lover area of the Champion Points tree.

Mats Gathered in 30 mins:

  • 22 alchemical resin
  • 6 bast
  • 6 blessed thistle
  • 3 blue entoloma
  • 3 bugloss
  • 7 columbine
  • 8 corn flower
  • 9 crawlers, foul bait
  • 2 denata
  • 2 deni
  • 1 denima
  • 7 dragonthorn
  • 4 emetic russula
  • 2 imp stool
  • 3 jejota
  • 1 kura
  • 3 lady’s smock
  • 4 luminous russula
  • 1 makko
  • 13 mountain flower
  • 4 mundane rune
  • 7 namira’s rot
  • 7 nightshade
  • 3 nirnroot
  • 2 ochre
  • 3 oko
  • 1 okoma
  • 1 okori
  • 9 pewter dust
  • 6 platinum dust
  • 1 rakeipa
  • 18 raw ancester silk
  • 1 rejera
  • 1 rekuta
  • 18 rough ruby ash
  • 27 rubedite ore
  • 2 stinkhorn
  • 7 ta
  • 2 taderi
  • 4 violet coprinus
  • 3 water hyacinth
  • 3 white cap
  • 4 worms, saltwater bait
  • 5 wormwood

Grand Total


The total for the items was calculated using the Master Merchant addon. I am a member of 5 large trading guilds and have 30+ days of data in Master Merchant.

The total for one hour of mat farming in Stonefalls comes out to 31,377.98 gold per hour. Of course RNG plays a role. I was not able to come across a kuta runestone, which would bump the total up 3000+ gold.


This is one of my favorite areas to farm as it is very short, wayshrines are close, and not a lot of competition. It is best for alchemy mats. If you are looking for runestones, mining, or wood, there are better areas to farm which I will eventually get to.

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