Asta Dungeon – Chamber of Resting

Asta Dungeon Chamber of Resting

The story quests in Asta do a good job guiding you where you need to be heading. Periodically the quests will lead you into dungeons. Chamber of Resting is the third dungeon the story has led me into. Chamber of Resting is located in the western part of Evergreen Mountains in a cave called the Black Hideout. Asta Chamber of Resting locationMuch like Chamber of Full Moon, once you enter the cave, you must run all the way around the whole cave counter-clockwise to get to the entrance of the dungeon. Chamber of Resting first appears in the dungeon finder at level 21 and is recommended for levels 21-27.

Where Levels Are Not Levels

When you first enter the dungeon, your quest log will show the objectives you will need to complete. The objectives are marked with levels 1-4. The dungeon itself is only 3 rooms. So in the traditional sense, these are not levels as in walking up stairs to the next level. The current objective just needs to be completed to get to the next level.

  • Level 1 – Kill all 8 enemies at the Black Hideout and kill Ryoon.
  • Level 2 – Kill 6 chamber guards, Jongo, Moyul, and Wijung
  • Level 3 – Kill 6 chamber guards
  • Level 4 – Kill Soryu

Level 1

Once you enter the dungeon, you will see only 1 chamber guard. When you are done finishing that one off, the rest will run into the room and turn red when they are in position. Ryoon will also be in the middle. These are not much of a challenge, but in Asta, humanoids will take off running when low on health and can summon friends to help them. This room can go downhill quick if you have to take on a large amount of enemies. Ryoon has no special skills and isn’t much of a problem.

Asta Chamber of Resting Ryoon

Level 2

After defeating Ryoon, you proceed to the next room. Here there will be 6 guards and 3 mini-bosses. Mixed in with the guards, there will be Chenji Veteran Healers. I usually take them out first as they have a pretty powerful heal. Stunning as they get low on health also helps. Their heal cast time is pretty long, so it isn’t much of a problem. The 3 mini-bosses can be fought together and are no different from the guards. Again, watch the enemies running off when they get to about 10-20% of health. Even the mini-bosses will run off scared.

Asta Chamber of Resting Level 2

Level 3

Once you are done with the previous room, you move to the last room. There will be 6 guards scattered around. Just take them out, watching to make sure they don’t run off and pull more friends. There are also 2 healers in the group, so it is a good idea to take them out first.

Level 4

Once all the guards in this room are defeated, you get a cut scene and Soryu appears. This fight is not unlike the other boss fights in the previous dungeons. She has 3 mechanics you will see. One is an undefined and pretty much unavoidable twirling action. I am not sure what this is called and have not noticed any debuff put on me. The next mechanic is called storm flash. It is another cone attack with purple on the ground. Just move behind her. Easily avoided. The final mechanic is called black lotus. It is announced as a red circle around her. The ticks of damage are strong, so moving out of it quickly is a must. This boss is pretty much like the others. Mechanics are easily avoided. Standing in the red during black lotus too long is the greatest threat.

Asta Soryu Storm Flash

Asta Soryu Black Lotus


Below are a couple of videos showing all 4 levels of Chamber of Resting:



Dungeon Completed

That is it for Chamber of Resting. The dungeons are getting a little more complicated as far as layout and number of enemies, but the boss fights to this point are a bit underwhelming.

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