Crafting in Asta

Asta Heavy Armor Craftsman

What is an MMORPG without crafting? As expected, there is crafting in Asta. Unfortunately, there is not much deviation from your typical MMORPG. Crafters are found at the major cities.

There are 6 crafting professions which are mostly self-explanatory:

  • Tailor
  • Alchemy
  • Blacksmith
  • Heavy Armorsmith
  • Carpenter
  • Jeweler

But What About Gathering?

Don’t worry, you can still gather. You are automatically a gatherer and it doesn’t seem to use levels. You can gather everything you come across. Although, it is not specified, the gathering professions are close to Mining, Butchering, and Herbalist/Botanist. Mining for ore, butchering for leather, and herbalist for plants. You also have a chance to get mats in loot boxes for killing things too.

So, Is Crafting Different in Asta?

Asta Crafting WindowActually, it is not. You find something you want to craft, gather the mats, and craft it. Like most other MMORPGs, you will usually need mats from gathering/loot and also NPC-bought materials too.

Since I am a warrior, I went the usual way and chose heavy armorer and blacksmith. To start off, you get a few base recipes with the option to buy more. I was a little worried since the next recipes required a skill level of 40-50 to buy. Although this seems high to get recipes for level 15ish gear, each time you craft something, your skill moves up 3 for red recipes, 2 for yellow, and 1 for green, so even crafting one piece of armor will get you over half way to level 40. There are blue recipes (called hero), which obviously means they are better than the green (called champion). Of course, they require more mats than their green counterparts. Their is also another tier which is yellow called artifact. There may be another tier, but I am not that far yet. The champion heavy armor looks to normally have spell resistance. The blue or hero armor adds spell resistance and critical resistance. The artifact heavy armor adds another stat to the other two, accuracy. As you can see, even though the hero gear is one level lower than what I have on, I would gain 20 defense, 44 critical resistance, and 25 spell resistance. I also gain 20 durability.Asta Crafting Chamion and Hero Armor Comparison

Broken Gear

Asta Gear RepairAsta even has durability ratings. As you fight and maybe die, your gear loses durability. If you lose too much, you will get a nice little warning on the left side of the screen showing what pieces badly need a repair. Luckily, you can repair at any merchant. Just right click on the merchant and there are repair buttons at the bottom of the dialog box. Repairing gear at the lower levels only costs a few bronze pieces. Hopefully it doesn’t get outrageous at the higher levels like in some MMORPGs.

That is it for introductory crafting in Asta. Up next will be the second dungeon the story will take you to. We will also go a little more in depth about gathering and sub-professions.

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