Cheap Gaming Mice Under 15 Dollars

Finding a mouse to go with your gaming rig is not a hard feat. Finding one when you are low on cash, can be a problem. Luckily, there are options out there if you are in this situation. Below are some great options if you want a gaming mouse on the cheap. While the quality may not be as good as more expensive options, all of these mice have great reviews which should calm some fears about taking a chance on one of them. Also, these mice pack features you might not think you would find for such a low price. Features can include multiple buttons, high dpi, and switchable LED lighting. Keep reading below for a great list of cheap gaming mice under 15 dollars.

Havit MS-HV745

The Havit MS-HV745 packs a lot of features into a contemporary mouse design. This wired mouse features multiple LED colors and switchable DPI settings. This mouse is also one of the least expensive gaming mice available.


  • 6 buttons with one used for selecting DPI setting.
  • Scroll wheel.
  • 4 LED colors: Green, red, purple, and blue. Colors can be set to breathe or solid.
  • 4 DPI settings: 800, 1200, 2000, and 2800.

If you are looking for a somewhat normal mouse design with a little something extra, the MS-HV745 might be for you. There are a few minor issues though. One button on the top and the 2 on the side are red. In a well lit room, the mouse will always be black and red. Also, the DPI settings are set to a color. For instance, 800 DPI is green, 1200-red, 2000-blue, and 2800-purple. If you want to run the mouse at the 2800 DPI setting, you are stuck with purple. Despite the cons, the Havit MS-HV745 is a nice gaming mouse for very little cash. It also includes a 30-day money back guarantee and 1-year warranty. More Info

DLAND/Zelotes T-80

For those looking for a more aggressive very inexpensive mouse, the T-80 might be what you are after. The design is perfect for those with bigger hands and has an impressive 7200 DPI setting. There are 6 different LED colors and 7 buttons overall.


  • 7 buttons including one for DPI selection and one double click button.
  • Scroll wheel.
  • 6 LED colors which can be set to cycle through all or remain one color
  • 5 DPI settings: 1000, 1600, 2400, 3200, 7200.

The T-80, while it boasts an impressive number of features for such a low price, does have a few cons. It is slightly larger than an average mouse, which might make it uncomfortable for those with smaller hands. Also, the buttons seem to not be programmable in Windows, but you can program them through game interfaces. Overall though, for the price, the T-80 would make a great addition to a gaming PC. More Info

Redragon M601

If red and black are the colors you are looking for, the M601 might be right up your alley. This unique looking mouse has 3 DPI settings, 6 buttons, and a braided fiber cable. Another unique feature is the ability to remove or add more weight, customizing the feel of the mouse.


  • 6 Buttons with one for DPI selection.
  • Red LED lighting.
  • Adjustable weights
  • 3 DPI settings: 1000, 1600, 2000.

The M601 is a great mouse design, although it comes with a few cons. The LED color is only red. If red is not the color you are looking for, you should check out some of the other mice in this list. Another con is the DPI is not the highest when compared to the other mice. This might be an issue to some. Overall, the adjustable weighting gives the M601 a different level of customization and should be one to check out if mouse weight is important to you. More Info

Marvo M-315

The Marvo M-315 is another aggressively designed mouse. This optical ergonomic mouse includes 3 DPI settings, 3 breathable LED colors, and 7 buttons. The USB cable is also braided with red highlights.


  • 3 LED colors: Red, yellow, and green.
  • 7 Buttons with a scroll wheel.
  • 3 DPI settings: 1200, 1600, 2400.
  • Durable braided USB cable.

As you can see, the M-315 is a very nice inexpensive gaming mouse. About the only con is the colors correspond to the DPI setting, so you are stuck with one particular color for your chosen DPI setting. The mouse’s primary colors are red and black, so the yellow or green will add a third color, although this will not be noticeable in the dark. Another minor flaw is the maximum DPI is only 2400. These issues might turn off some people, but for most, they should be minor annoyances. The Marvo M-315 is another great inexpensive mouse and should be looked at when choosing a mouse in this category. More Info

Pictek 7200 DPI Wired Gaming Mouse

If options are what you are after, this Pictek mouse is what you are looking for. In addition to the nice styling, this mouse features 5 default LED colors to go with the 5 DPI settings. With the software installed, you colors options are pretty much unlimited. The manufacturer claims 16 million different colors.


  • 5 Default LED colors with the option to choose any color you wish.
  • 7 programmable buttons
  • DPI levels: 1200, 2400, 3500, 5500, 7200.
  • Downloadable software for programming buttons, color selection, and macros.

This Pictek mouse is a great deal considering the level of customization available. About the only con is the software needs to be downloaded and installed to get a lot of features and Macs are not able to take advantage of this. The price is at the upper end of the 15 dollar price range, but in this range, it is not that much of a problem. For someone who is particular about colors, this mouse would be a great pick. More Info


There you have it. These are some of the best cheap gaming mice under 15 dollars that you can find. There is no doubt that someone on a budget will be able to find a nice addition to their gaming area or space. As long as it is understood that the quality is not going to rival the much more expensive mice, you should be pleasantly surprised and get your money’s worth.