Chamber of Depravity in Asta


Chamber of Depravity

The Island of Lost Souls is where you end up when you choose to play a character from the Doka race in the Ora faction. This is your typical starter zone with numerous tutorial quests and non-aggressive monsters and enemies. The starting area is located in the northern part of the region and you will eventually make your way south. As you progress and level up, you will reach the southern part of the Island of Lost Souls. Here, you will receive quests that will take you into the Illusion Cave.

Island of Lost SoulsIllusion Cave

The cave is different from previous areas as the enemies are now aggressive and will attack if you are too close to them. At the end of the cave, there is a portal to the Chamber of Depravity dungeon.

Chamber of Depravity

As with most starter-level dungeons in Asta, the Chamber of Depravity is basically a one-room dungeon with a couple of tasks to complete.

  • Level 1 – Kill all of Muganaru’s experimental subjects
  • Level 2 – Kill Muganaru

Level 1

Your objective as stated is to kill all of Muganaru’s experimental subjects. Although there are 11 subjects in the dungeon, you only need to kill 10 to spawn the boss. There are 3 types of subjects you will encounter. These are black specimens, green specimens, and guards. The enemies should not offer much resistance, although the black specimens have a skill called shadow split which can be easily interrupted or avoided by moving out of the purple cone area. There are also a few patrols, so watch out for them to avoid fighting too many enemies at once.

Chamber of Depravity

Level 2

Once you kill all of the experimental subjects, you are ready to face Muganaru. You are treated to a cut scene and Muganaru appears. This boss should not be very difficult. One mechanic he has is called poisonous mist. This skill has around a 3-second cast time and places a purple cone effect on the ground. It is easy to avoid it or interrupt. The second skill he has is called poison pool. A fairly large red circle will appear around the boss. This is a channeled skill and damage starts ticking immediately. Again, this can be interrupted or avoided.

Chamber of Depravity

The Chamber of Depravity, as you would expect from the first dungeon, is not much of a challenge and should not pose much of a problem for players in the 9-10 level range which you should be at if you have done all the quests leading up to it. After the dungeon, you are given a quest to travel to Ora Valley where you will join the other races in the journey to max level. Enjoy!



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