Burning Heart Dungeon in Asta

Asta Burning Heart Dungeon

Continuing the reviews of the starter dungeons for all the races, we end up in the region call the Dragon Nest. This is the starter region for the Draconian race in the Asu faction. I would imagine the Draconian race is not very popular as it is gender locked to only male and also warrior is the only class you can play with a Draconian.



The Dragon Nest is in the southwestern corner of the Asu faction world map. You will travel south as you make your way through all the starter quests. If you do all the quests you come to, you will be around level 9 when you get the quests to go into a cave called the Furnace. The enemies in this cave will now be red and aggro if you get neart them. Do all the quests in the cave and you will come to the portal to the Burning Heart dungeon.

Asta Dragon Nest

Asta Furnace

Burning Heart Dungeon

As in most of the starter dungeons, the Burning Heart is basically one room. The enemies in here hit a little harder than the standard open world enemies, so you may need to heal up or use a health potion if you fight too many at once or run through quickly. There are only 2 levels.

  • Level 1: Kill all Susung’s Men
  • Level 2: Kill Susung

Level 1

When you first enter the dungeon, you are given your 2 level objectives. The first is to kill all of Susung’s men. Once again, the quest tracker shows that you need to kill 10 of Susung’s men. However, there are 11 in the dungeon. Like the other starter dungeons, you only need to kill 10 to spawn Susung. These are not very hard to defeat, but there are a few patrols that might have you fighting 3 enemies at a time. You should be able to take on 3 at a time but might need to heal up afterwards. If you are ranged, it is possible to pull one at a time as the other in the pair will not aggro.

Asta Burning Heart Dungeon


Level 2

Once you have killed 10 of Susung’s men, Susung will spawn. He is a menacing looking troll with 2 spiked clubs. Just like the other starter dungeons, he is not much of a problem. He has 2 avoidable mechanics, earth split and eruption of fury. When Susung is about to do earth split, a purple cone appears on the ground. Intterupt this or just move out of it. Eruption of fury produces a red circle on the ground. Unlike some of the bosses, this does not channel damage. Damage is done when the cast is completed, so it is a good idea to interrupt or run out of the circle as soon as possible.

Asta Burning Heart Dungeon


Once you have defeated Susung, the chest spawns and you can collect your rewards. Don’t forget to click the yellow question mark at the top of the screen. You will get a chest that usually contains assorted potions.

That is it for the Burning Heart dungeon. Up next is the Tigerian race and the dungeon for their starting area. Thanks for reading.




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