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I thought I would take a little break from leveling and do a bit more of the bounty hunting and treasure hunting sub-professions in Asta. Information about bounty hunting and treasure hunting was covered in earlier posts.

Bounty hunting in Asta is picked up from the profession trainer in the major cities of each region. You walk up to a scroll beside the training and click on it. You automatically get the quests. You can abandon them if you want by clicking on one of the quests and choosing the abandon button in the bounty hunting window. For treasure hunting, you receive treasure maps from killing enemies. As I did not have a treasure map for Asu Valley, I had to purchase one on the auction house. It was a little pricey at over 3 gold, but as you level up, it is easier to acquire gold as in most MMORPGs.

Bounty Hunting in Evergreen Mountains

Once I clicked on the scroll, I received my 5 quests. The quests will take you all over the map, so it is wise to click the small magnifying glass next to each quest and formulate the easiest route to complete them all.

  • Recovery Request from Producers’ Association: Secret Steel Processing Document – The document you are looking for is fairly hard to find and the locator gives you 3 areas to look. The area to look is the Rusty Blade Forest in the southern Evergreen Mountains.
  • Special Collection: Platinum Herb – These plants are scattered from the Forgotten Battlefield to Jiwoo Shrine. They are widely scattered and fairly hard to see. I had to travel quite a ways to collect the 4 I needed. Although, they probably spawn pretty quick and it would be possible to wait around until they re-spawned.
  • Ginseng Picker Recruit: Evergreen Mountains Eternal Hemp – Another item that can be hard to find. The areas to look are located between Rusty Blade Forest and Tomb of Swords.
  • Shipwreck Survivor’s Request: Family Tree – This quest is slightly confusing. First, if you have not done it before, you are not sure what you are looking for. I struggled to find this as the quest tip says the client can’t swim. So, you would think it would be in the water, but instead I found it along the shore. It is a book and someone who could not swim, could just as easily walk up to it on land.
  • Wanted: Black Beak Parrot – These are found around Dark Herb Field. You need to kill 4 of them.
Bounty Hunting in Asta
Secret Steel Processing Document
Asta Bounty Hunting
Platinum Herb
Asta Bounty Hunting
Evergreen Mountains Eternal Hemp
Asta Bounty Hunting
Family Tree







Treasure Hunting in Asu Valley

I also did a little treasure hunting in Asu Valley. After I obtained the map, I clicked on it to see where the treasure was. This one was not too hard to find and was only a short ride away. On my first try, the locator was green indicating the treasure was near. I followed the bulge on the locator at my feet and in 2 more digs, located the treasure. All I had to do was defeat 2 baby great serpents, which was not that hard since I was above level. Once that was done, it was loot time.

That is all for bounty hunting in Asta with a little treasure hunting on the side. I have not researched these, but I am curious as to what benefit they have end game. These 2 sub-professions are a great way to get a break from regular questing and a decent way to obtain currency and additional loot.

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