Blade and Soul Loading Screen Art Contest


Looking For Your 15 Minutes of Fame?

If you are an artist or gifted with creativity and play Blade and Soul, this might interest you. Until February 6, 2017, you can submit your Blade and Soul artwork for a chance to have it displayed in a loading screen for thousands of players to see.

Your art must be a digital file with no text.

There will be one grand prize winner who will receive their artwork displayed on a loading screen, $100 in Hongmoon coins, and an exclusive costume.

Also, there will be 10 finalists who will also receive their artwork on a loading screen in addition to $50 in Hongmoon coins and exclusive costume.

Unfortunately, your addition to the game will not be permanent, but with 11 chances to win, this might be a contest worth participating in if art is your passion.

More information can be found on the Blade and Soul website at

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