Blade and Soul Races and Classes

Blade and Soul is a free to play, martial arts based MMORPG. One might expect a free to play MMORPG to be lacking in features, but Blade and Soul does not disappoint here. This includes the races and classes that are available. This article focuses on the Blade and Soul races and classes that one can choose from and a few details about each one. The race/class selection screen is nicely done with a short video, class attributes and description, and race description.

Blade and Soul Races

There are 4 separate races to play in Blade and Soul. Unfortunately, there is not much variation in the different races. Three races are based upon humans. The Lyn are different as they have furry ears, a tail, and are very small. Below are body type comparisons and descriptions of each race. The Yun are also gender locked to only females.


The Jin are a standard human race and are available in male and female with average height. Jin can be played with the assassin, blade master, kung fu master, warlock, and soul fighter classes.

blade and soul races
Jin size compared to Gon and Lyn



The Gon are by far the largest race in the game. The available classes include kung fu master, force master, destroyer, and soul fighter. The Gon race also gives the choice between male and female.

Gon body size
Gon body size compared to Jin and Lyn



The other human-type race is the Yun. Blade master, kung fu master, force master, and soul fighter are the available classes. Females are the only gender that can be selected, though.

Yun body size
Yun body size comparison with Gon and Lyn



The Lyn are the only race that deviates from the others. These are tiny humanoid creatures with big ears and a tail. The classes are blade dancer, summoner, warlock, and force master and both genders, male and female, are available.

Lyn body size comparison
Lyn body size comparison with Jin and Gon


Blade and Soul Classes

Where Blade and Soul lacks in number of races, it makes up for it with classes. There are a total of 9 classes to do battle with. Each with its own unique abilities. The game also does a great job presenting each class. There is a short video, description, class attributes, and difficulty rating for each class. From melee characters with swords or fist weapons to ranged casters, the game gives you a lot of options.

Blade Master

If you like using a sword, the blade master is a class you might like. There are no traditional sword and board type characters, but the blade master might be close in play style. This class is strong in attack and defense.

blade and soul blade master

Blade Dancer

The Lyn’s blade dancer is another class that uses a sword. Unlike the blade master, the blade dancer focuses more on attack and crowd control than defense.




If you like to wield a weapon big enough for only a Gon to handle, then the destroyer is for you. Although the weapon is intimidating, the destroyer’s skills are balanced between attack, defense, and protection of allies.



Kung Fu Master

What would a martial arts based game be without a little hand-to-hand combat? That is exactly what the kung fu master brings. This expert difficulty rated class brings high damage with some defense.




Those who normally play the stealth/vanishing classes in other MMORPGs will be glad to see the assassin. In addition to stealth, the assassin has good ratings in most of the categories but the difficulty is rated as hard.



Soul Fighter

Bridging the gap between ranged and melee is the soul fighter. This class can deal better than average damage near or far and offers some protection for others in your group.




The summoner fills the traditional MMORPG pet class role. The class features a companion called a familiar that you can send into battle. While not as strong on the damage front, the summoner is ranged and offers protection for your allies.



Force Master

Think of the force master as the mage in traditional MMORPGs. This ranged class uses fire or ice to damage enemies. Although force masters can provide some crowd control and protection, their main advantage is high damage.



Every MMORPG has to have a warlock class, right? Blade and soul is no different. The warlock specializes in high damage and crowd control from a distance. You can also summon a pet-like creature called a thrall for a short time to help you out.



That is it for the brief overview of the different Blade and Soul races and classes. With the number of classes and races, in addition to all the options for character customization, this game is becoming interesting the more I explore, and if you are into MMORPGs, this is one game you should check out.

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