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Asta Bounty Hunting Trainer

Now that we’ve introduced sub-professions and discussed fishing, I will now discuss the second sub-profession, bounty hunting. Bounty hunting is something that normally gets everyone excited in MMORPGs. Usually, though, it does not live up to the hype. Hopefully, Asta’s bounty hunting will be a fun and rewarding thing to occupy time when not questing.

Wow! Bounty Hunting!

Asta Bounty Quest LogYou can pick up the sub-profession at most major towns from the trainer, just like fishing and treasure hunting. You get the bounties from an object that looks like a scroll/wanted poster. Both the trainer and scroll will have handcuff icons above them. When you click on the scroll, you will receive the bounties. You will receive 5 bounties. These bounties will show up in your quest log on the right side of the screen with the default view. When you complete a bounty, it will become gray and marked completed. Once you complete all 5 bounties, you will receive a random crate with loot in it. Also, you will receive 500 xp points and some currency. I have completed this twice and have 1000 points, which promoted me to amateur bounty hunter. The next promotion is at 2000 points.

Typical Bounty Missions

I have completed these twice. They seem to be random, as I had some of the same missions and some new ones. I am not sure how many different missions there are in the each level. I will go through the 5 missions I received on my second try. This is in the starting zone and I assume typical of the other races and factions. Since I out level most creatures, it makes this easier, and higher level zones may be harder to complete at level. One thing to remember, is to use the small magnifying glass to the right of each bounty. This will show you the general area to complete the bounty.

First, I clicked all the magnifying glasses and found the location of all the bounties. I then formulated the easiest/fastest way to complete them. My first bounty was Sage’s Task: Iron Stake. This is just collecting 4 of the bundles of iron stakes in the area marked on the map. A fairly easy task, although it can be hard to find them. Next up was Special Collection: Conch. This was nearby and another fairly simple task, collect 5 conchs. All the creatures are yellow and therefore will not attack you.

Asta Bounty LogNow This is Bounty Hunting!

I then traveled to the other side of the map where the other 3 bounties were located. Next was actually a bounty to kill a certain NPC. This is what you typically imagine when bounty hunting. The quest was Wanted: Red Bandana Dohan. I found him and it was a quick kill since I was above level. Unfortunately, this was the only true “bounty” I had. After that, it was on to the next, which was Yuno’s Request: Bamboo Tube. This is another gathering quest and although rather simple, it can be hard to find the bamboo tubes. I collected the tubes and went into the cave at Liangshan Mountain. There, I needed to gather 2 black jades. Kinda weird that they are actually white.

After completing all 5 bounties, I clicked on one of them in the quest log and opened the bounty window. This will also show you which bounties are completed by a red X over them. Just click the “close case” button and receive your rewards. I recieved 500 bounty hunter xp points, 25 silver 43 bronze, and a sudden death enhancement stone box. This box contained a hero-quality flawed white jade, which is used for weapon enhancement. Below is a video showing all 5 missions and the rewards.

That is it for introductory bounty hunting in Asta. It was fairly simple as I out leveled the area and most NPCs would not attack me. This is in the lowest level and I hope the higher levels are more challenging, with more true bounties and less gathering quests. We shall see. I will cover beginning treasure hunting next. This could also have potential to deviate from the norm.

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