Asta – Sealed Sanctuary

Asta Sealed Sanctuary Entrance

Sealed Sanctuary is the next dungeon you come to as you progress through the story. After leaving the last dungeon, Chamber of Resting, it seemed like it took a shorter time questing to arrive at Sealed Sanctuary. It is located in Chenji Gardens and not unlike the others, it is located in cave in which you must either run or fight your way to the entrance. If it is your first time, there are a few quests inside to complete for xp.

Getting There

Asta Hall of Body MapOnce you enter the cave, you will need to go either right or left and arrive at another portal. This will get you to the Hall of Body. Once you go through the portal and bring up the map, you may be a little confused as it shows only a portion of the map. Just click the “zoom out” button at the bottom of the map to see everything. You will then see where the entrance to the sealed sanctuary entrance is and which way you need to go. Beware though, some of the enemies on your way are elites, so aggro with caution.


The objectives are similar to Chamber of Resting. There are 4 levels:

  • Level 1 – Kill 6 immortal soldiers
  • Level 2 – Destroy the sacrifice boxes and kill 10 burning spirits
  • Level 3 – Kill Kroon
  • Level 4 – Kill Kra

Level 1

Asta Sealed Sanctuary MapIf you look at the map of the dungeon, you will see 4 separate rooms with no paths between them. We will soon find out how to get to the next room. When you first enter the dungeon, you are greeted by your dungeon guide, Chungon. After a brief conversation, you will be jumped by 2 immortal soldiers. They are not much of a problem, just burn them down and collect your loot. Four more immortal soldiers will then appears. You can aggro one at a time or however many you wish. Once this is done, Chungon will open a portal to the next room, Sanctuary of Sacrifice.


Asta Sealed Sanctuary First Room

Level 2

Upon entering the Sanctuary of Sacrifice, you will be jumped by 2 burning spirits. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t have any problems with these. This will spawn 4 sacrifice boxes. These are snake/dragon statues and immediately destroying one will spawn 2 burning spirits. Destroying all the sacrifice boxes and burning spirits will make Chungon open the next portal. This leads to the Sanctuary of Body.

Asta Sealed Sanctuary Second Room

Level 3

Once in the next room, you will be rushed by 2 unsealing donors. Just like the previous 2 rooms, nothing really to worry about. Killing them spawns Kroon who will then be joined by what looks like 2 immortal soldiers, 2 burning spirits, and 2 unsealing donors. You will need to fight all at one time. Not to worry though, you do get some help in the form of 3 Chenji soldiers. This can get tricky as Kroon aggros to you and you can drag aggro from the other enemies to you. I just took down the normal adds and then focused on Kroon. He doesn’t really have any so-called mechanics, but he has a whirlwind type attach that can hurt. After this mob is dead, move on through the portal to the final room, the Sealed Sanctuary.

Asta Sealed Sanctuary Third Room

Level 4

In this last room, you will see Kra standing in the middle surrounded by 4 immortal wills. Dispatch the adds, one at a time or however many you can handle, and then you can fight Kra. He has 2 mechanics, a black area on the ground which you should move out of and soul burn, just move out of the red. He is much easier than the previous room.

Asta Sealed Sanctuary Fourth Room


That is all for the Sealed Sanctuary. Now, back to questing…….


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