Asta Mounts and Travel


Traveling around in an MMORPG is always an important feature. Due to the size of the maps and terrain features, the traveling experience can be an important factor in keeping players from quitting the game. Luckily in Asta, the developers included many ways to help adventurers travel to distant areas quickly, sometimes at the click of a button. Not to worry though, there are still mounts in the game and good old fashioned walking. This article will go over the various Asta mounts and other ways to get around the landscape.

These are from the Asu faction perspective. I will update this post once I evaluate the Ora Faction, although I am sure it is basically the same process for Ora.

There are many ways to travel in Asta. These include:

  • Walking
  • Mounts
  • Teleporting
  • Saved Locations
  • Station Masters


As in all MMORPGs, walking is an option but probably the least favorite. You can improve your movement speed with equipment, such as divine spirits, but this is still not a practical solution for traveling over any sort of distance.

Asta Mounts

As in most MMORPGs, there are mounts in Asta. When you first start questing, you will eventually obtain your first mount. Using this mount will increase your speed by 150%. A short time later, you will start accumulating expedition tokens. In front of Asu Fortress, there will be a repeatable quest NPC called Moosang. His repeatable quest will also award expedition tokens. Once you get 5 expedition tokens, you will receive another mount that boosts your speed to 160%.

Asta mounts

The mount breeder beside Moosang also sells 170% and 190% mounts. These cost Tai Tokens which can be obtained through group quests. One thing to note, group quests should be done at or around your current level, or the rewards are diminished. You can also purchase Asta mounts in the online Asta store. These mounts can be bought individually, or if you are feeling lucky, obtained through RNG boxes. The mounts purchased in the store have a 200% movement increase.


Teleporting is a very fast way of getting around in Asta. To teleport, open the fast travel window by pressing the P key or clicking on the map icon in the bottom right of the screen. There will be a teleport tab in the window. Here you will see all the locations that are available for teleporting. Once you have teleported to a location, there is a 10 minute wait time before you can use it again.

Asta TravelAsta Travel

Saved Locations

Saved locations operate much like teleporting, except you get to save any area you would like to return to. A new character gets one save location. More location slots can be purchased with soul stones. Soul stones can be obtained through connection rewards (staying online), loot from kills, or purchased with real money. The cost for these slots scales upward. The next one you buy will cost more than the previous one. This also shares the 10-minute cooldown with teleport.

Station Masters

The last way to travel in Asta that I will cover will be the station masters. These are in scattered locations around each region. Talk to a station master and a map will open showing the locations of the various station masters. You can choose where you would like to go and it will show you the associated cost. Once you confirm, you will be on a mount off to your destination. A tool-tip will pop up letting you know that pressing the space bar will allow you dismount if you would like and end the travel.

Asta station master


As you can see, there are many ways to travel around the Asta landscape. As in a lot of free-to-play MMORPGs, some of the better items are locked behind paying, but there are still some great Asta mounts available from just playing the game which are just a tad slower from their bought counterparts.

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