Asta – Introduction to Treasure Hunting

Asta - treasure hunter

Treasure hunting is the last sub-profession. The other two, bounty hunting and fishing, we have explained. Treasure hunting is also another that has promise to be a fun activity when taking a break from questing.

Obtaining Your Treasure Hunting License

Asta - Find Treasure SkillAs with the other sub-professions, you start off by talking to the treasure hunters at most major cities. I talked to Shangi in Han. You will get an introductory treasure map. When you right click on the map, a small window will open with an X. Your task is to find the area that holds the treasure. Of course, this being the introductory quest, it will be somewhere near you. You will also have a skill called Find Treasure. This is located in your combat skills (press k) under the normal skills tab. It is helpful if this is placed on one of your action bars.

Treasure Maps?

Asta - Treasure MapOnce the introductory quest is done, the big question is: Where are the maps. The only place I have been able to obtain them is through loot boxes from killing things. While the drops are not ultra rare, they are also not common. I have come across around 6 up to level 24. Fortunately, the maps are able to be traded and can be found on the auction house, although they can be pricey.


X Marks the Spot

Asta - Treasure FoundOnce you think you have the correct area, use your find treasure skill. It will tell you if there is no treasure in the area or if it is near. Also, I found out that a red area will flash where you are standing. I have found there is a sort of bulge in this red area. Run where the bulge is pointing and try again, and so forth. The closer you get, it will turn yellow. When you get really close, the area will turn green instead of red. When you have found the treasure, your toon will jump up and celebrate. You are not done though. The chest will appear and you will be instructed that you need to defeat the enemies within 5 minutes. I have out-leveled the hunts I have done, so not much of problem defeating the enemies, but at level it may be more difficult. It also mentions grouping up with others will make it easier. After you defeat the enemies, you get the chest. It can contain weapons, armor, and some currency. For the first few quests, you also get 150 treasure hunting xp points with 1000 needed to get to the next level.

Below are 2 videos showing treasure hunting. One of these is in Han District, which is my starting zone. The other is in Asu Valley. I greatly out-level the enemies, so these were not much of a challenge.

What the…..?

As a side note, while bounty hunting in Han District in the Crimson Swamp, I came across the little doll-looking thing on a rock. I went up to it and clicked on it. I was transformed into the figure. I am not sure if this is just something for fun put in by the developers, or if it serves some purpose. There are no skills for it and you can cancel it. That is the only one I have come across.

Asta - SurpriseAsta - Transformation


That is it for the sub-professions. I am level 24 and getting into some pretty interesting things and learning more about the game. Next post will probably be a guide through the next dungeon. Until then, happy questing!

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