Asta – Hidden Repository Dungeon

Hidden Repository Dungeon

The Hidden Repository dungeon is the next dungeon you come to as you progress through the story. This dungeon was sort of a let down as the dungeons were becoming slightly more complex and this one took a step backwards. It is basically two rooms and there are two levels.

  • Level 1 – Kill 20 Eight Trigrams Army Members
  • Level 2 – Kill Draconian General

Getting to the Hidden Repository dungeon

As with most dungeons in Asta, the Hidden Repository dungeon is tucked away in the Sapphire Dragon’s Sacred Shrine. This is located in the central southern area of the Thousand Peeks region. You will need to progress through three areas to reach the dungeon entrance: Legacy of Sapphire Dragon, Lower Level of Sapphire Dragon Repository, and Upper Level of Sapphire Dragon Repository. The entrances to the next level are indicated by the small pagoda-like symbols and not the blue whirlpool icons. You will need to click a white globe instead of going through a portal. Navigation is not as complex as it was for some of the other dungeons.

Hidden Repository DungeonHidden Repository DungeonHidden Repository Dungeon

If it is your first time in here, there are quite a few quests along there way to the dungeon entrance and it would be wise to do them all now and not risk the possibility of running out of quests and xp when nearing max level.

Level 1

This is fairly routine and the Trigrams Army Members do not offer up anything special. They are scattered out over the dungeon. There is a mixture of ranged and melee, so that is one thing to be aware of if pulling more than one. It is best to clear all of them out of the first room and then move into the second room. When you kill the last one, the Draconian General will spawn and you will be right there at him when he spawns.

Hidden Repository Dungeon

Level 2

The Draconian General is a warrior type boss and really is, again, nothing special. There is an unannounced mechanic in which he will jump up in the air and come down on top of you, much like the warrior’s earth shock skill. The only other mechanic is called half moon slash. It is announced with a purple cone area on the ground and is easily avoided. You can also interrupt this skill with a stun or other similar skill.

On a side note, I did get my first artifact (gold) drop from this boss. Of course, RNG was not kind to me. It is a berserker’s weapon and I can’t use it. Nonetheless, it was a nice surprise.Hidden Repository Dungeon

That’s All

That is it for the Hidden Repository dungeon in Asta. I was hoping it would build on the uniqueness of the last dungeon, the Sealed Sanctuary, but it was a step backwards instead of forwards. It looks like there are many more dungeons ahead. Here’s hoping they get a little more complex.

Thanks for reading and best wishes.




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