Asta – Gathering and Sub-Professions

gathering5In this post, I will go into a little more detail about gathering. We will also  at sub-professions.

Gameguard Update

Just want to give an update about my Gameguard issue. I am happy to report that since I uninstalled ZoneAlarm and went with Windows firewall, there have been no other GameGuard issues. If anyone is having any issues with this and have tried the solutions in the forum, you might need to check what programs you have running and try to find out if one of the other programs is causing the problem. Hope this helps someone!


Okay, back to the game. Gathering in Asta is done slightly different than other MMORPGs. It seems you do not level up gathering. Rather, you access the nodes no matter what level you are. I have not seen any restrictions in gathering. There are 3 gathering professions. Basically, there is mining, skinning/butchering, and foraging/herbalist. All of these are familiar to those with experience in these type of games. Mining deals with metal and gems which come from ore nodes basically like other games. Unlike other games, butchering does not require killing the actual creature. They are just lying on the ground like other nodes and these reward you with leather, and foraging gets you plants from the usual plant-looking nodes.Asta Foraging Asta ButcheringAsta Mining


Asta also has sub-professions. Unlike the main professions, where you can only choose two, you can do all three sub-professions. The three sub-professions are treasure hunter, bounty hunter, and fishing. You can sign up for sub-professions in the first major town you come to. My character is a human, so the first town is the Han District. You can also find the profession trainers on the map when you are in town. Just walk up and talk to them. For now, I will concentrate on fishing.Asta Sub-Profession Bounty Hunter


When I first signed up for the fishing sub-profession, I got an introductory quest to talk to a guy down by a stream. I talked to him and got a fishing pole as a reward. Asta FishingI was a little confused about what to do, but later found out that if you open your skills, you will have a fishing skill. I placed this on one of my action bars and pressed it. This opened a horizontal, decorated window with a dark bar area in it. Hmmm. I pressed the F key, and two white areas appeared and the bar started lighting up left to right. I would then press the F key again when the bar would move into the white areas. Although, I think this is what you should do, I found catching fish was very hard. I then moved to where I saw fish in the water, but my catch rates did not increase. I then tried clicking on the white areas in as many different ways as I could, when the bar was moving left, right, left and right, etc. None of these seemed to affect my catch rates. I dredged up more junk than fish. Luckily, you get +2 points each time you cast out. That is, until I hit 100. I started getting only 1 point on each cast. I moved to the next, higher level area, and then started getting +2 points again. I am not sure what will happen when I reach 1000 points, but I am still a novice angler at almost 200/1000 points. Maybe reaching a 1000 will get me to the next level. The fish are used like in most MMORPGs, for food and alchemy. Below is a small video of what fishing is like.

That is all I have on fishing at the moment. Next up will be bounty hunting. Sounds like it could be fun. I hope!


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