Asta – Introductory Questing and Combat

IntroQuestingNow that we have a character created, we enter into the world after an introductory cutscene. I am not one who gets into the story or music, so I will not discuss it in these reviews. Also, revealing parts of the stories spoils this for other players, and I do not want to do that. I chose warrior for my character as I typically like to tank in dungeons. The other options are rogue, archer, mage, and healer.We will be looking at how easy it is for a new player to get accomodated to playing without having to research everything they come across.

Uh-Oh! – Part 2

I am still having GameGuard issues. I still think it has to do with ZoneAlarm. I tried disabling ZoneAlarm and turning on Windows firewall. I was able to play for a while before the GameGuard error came up again. I had only disabled ZoneAlarm for 5 minutes and it had come back on. I decided to turn off ZoneAlarm completely but still received the error when I got back into the game. At this point, I decided to completely uninstall ZoneAlarm and keep Windows firewall on. After a few reboots, I started the game and have not seen the error again. Hopefully, this problem is solved and this might help someone else with this problem.


One you arrive at the starting area, you immediately get a tooltip announcing where to go. There are many other tooltips in this area to help point you in the right direction. The layout is virtually the same as many other MMORPGs out there with the questing text on the right and pressing L brings up the quest window.

Quest1 Quest2

Asta does do one thing different. Clicking on the small symbol to the left of the quest text, produces a circle under your character with an arrow pointing to the quest location. A very nice touch. Quest3The quests are as expected if you have ever played an MMORPG, kill this, talk to this person, etc. So far, there is not a lot of variety in the quests. Hopefully, that will change.


Combat is done, if you will, World of Warcraft style. You have your skills on the bottom of the screen with the option to add more action bars. If you have played tab-targeting MMOs, you will feel right at home. This is not an action oriented type of MMO, ala Guild Wars 2 or Tera. The skills are basically just like most other MMORPGs. I was hoping to have something different like combos, such as Final Fantasy XIV, but have not seen anything like that, but it is still early on in the leveling process. I did notice combo mentioned on the character stats, so maybe that is coming. Anyway, click on the target and start pounding away until the target is dead and collect your loot. Loot will be in a chest laying on the ground. The more ornate the chest, the better the loot. Of course, you will mostly get some bronze, but occasionally there will be gear or crafting materials in there as well.


That is all for this post. More to come as we will get into the leveling process from levels 5-10.


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