Asta – Crystal Research Complex

As you make your way above level 35, you will journey into the corrupted lands. This is a rather large region which includes the major city of Seung. You will obtain a story quest that will lead you into the Crystal Research Complex. Your objective for this quest is inside the Crystal Jeweler’s Workshop dungeon. To get there, you will need to traverse through the complex’s 3 levels. Along the way, you will come across 3 other entrances. Each of these are also dungeons. This makes 4 separate dungeons inside the Crystal Research Complex.

Asta - Vitality LabAsta - Fire LabAsta - Underground Lab

Although each dungeon is included in the dungeon finder, they are actually very simple with the Crystal Jeweler’s Workshop being the only one that includes more than one room. Since most of these dungeons are very short, I have included them all in this article.

The story quest will show that 5 players are recommended, but you can complete the quest solo.

Vitality Lab

When you first enter the Crystal Research Complex, you will be in the Vitality Lab. There are a lot of quests in each section, so it may be good to complete these as you go. The Vitality Lab includes the entrance to the first dungeon you will come across, the Laboratory Arsenal.

Laboratory Arsenal

Asta - Laboratory Arsenal

Immediately upon entering the Laboratory Arsenal, you are greeted with 8 creatures watching you come in the door. Fortunately, only the first 3 are red and can attack. Looking to the right at your quest log, you see there are 3 levels to this dungeon.

  • Level 1: Kill Sowol’s Toy. Well, actually kill 3 of Sowol’s “toys.” These are not a problem and can be fought individually or grouped up together.
  • Level 2: Kill Sowol’s Experimental Subject. You must kill all 4 of these. Just like the previous level, they can be fought individually, in pairs, or all at once.
  • Level 3: Kill Sowol. After the cut scene, Sowol becomes active and can be attacked. As you would expect, the toy maker is a small person but is actually in one of his toys. Nothing really special. He has 2 primary abilities, Five Elements Stone of Fire and Energy of Five Elements. Energy of Five Elements produces a yellow circle on the ground while casting and can easily be avoided. Five Elements Stone of Fire is easily interrupted during the cast.

Fire Lab

Once you make it to the end of the Vitality Lab, there is the entrance to the next section, the Fire Lab. Moving along in the Fire Lab, near the end, there is the entrance to the dungeon Burning Anvil and also the next section, the underground lab.

Burning Anvil

Asta - Burning Anvil

As you enter the Burning Anvil, you are greeted by Usam the blacksmith who will greet you and turn around, walk back to a forge, and start pounding out living weapons. There are again 3 levels to go through, although it is very simple.

  • Level 1: Kill 2 Living Weapons. Usam will spawn 2 living weapons. These hit pretty hard but are not much of a problem. You can pull one or both together.
  • Level 2: Kill 2 Living Weapons. Just like the first level.
  • Level 3: Kill Usam. You finally get to fight Usam. He is really not that hard. Between his melee attacks, he will jump up and throw down an earthquake which will do some damage and knock you down. It is unannounced, so it is kinda hard to interrupt. The other attack is an AOE, Burn Away, which presents a red circle on the ground. It is easily avoided or interrupted. It can do a decent amount of damage though.

Underground Lab

The underground lab is the last section. It also contains the entrances for the last 2 dungeons, the Filthy Lab and the Crystal Jeweler’s Workshop.

Filthy Lab

Asta - Filthy Lab

The Filthy Lab is, well, filthy. Filled with foul flesh and foul vomit. This is another 3 level, 1-room dungeon that follows the same path as the previous two. You get to watch a cutscene at the beginning (press esc to skip) and then presented with Mutant No. 1 and 3 foul flesh standing before it.

  • Level 1: Kill Foul Flesh. There are 3 foul flesh and killing these are straightforward just like the other dungeons. Pull as many as you like, although all 3 at once can hit pretty hard.
  • Level 2: Kill Foul Vomit. Virtually same as above. You need to kill all 3 pulling as you would like.
  • Level 3: Kill Mutant No. 1. This boss is basically the same as the other. He has 2 mechanics, although one actually helps you. He will do a mighty strike which will be indicated with a red circle on the ground and a cast bar. It will hurt pretty bad if it hits, but once he does this, his arm gets stuck in the floor. He cannot attack for around 5 seconds when stuck.

Crystal Jeweler’s Workshop

Asta - Crystal Jeweler's Workshop

The Crystal Jeweler’s Workshop is the last and significantly larger dungeon in the Crystal Research Complex. Although it is basically 1 room, it stretches around into a C shape. Unlike other dungeons we had been into earlier, this is the first one that you do not need to eliminate all the trash. You can ignore the mobs that don’t aggro. There are only 2 objectives, kill Chahora and Jushin.

  • Level 1: Kill Chahora. You come across Chahora about two thirds of the way into the dungeon. You get a cutscene engaging and killing him. He has 2 abilities. One is earth strike which gives a red circle on the ground and can be interrupted. The other is crystal breath. This shows up as a black cone in front of him and is quite hard to see. This ticks for quite a bit of damage for the duration of the spell, so it is best to move out of it or interrupt it.
  • Level 2: Kill Jushin. Jushin is the most interesting boss I have come across so far. He is a big dude holding a huge Gatlin-style gun where the barrels spin as he is firing. He has a couple of abilities. The first one is the spinning sawtooth. His gun barrels spin and he hits you with it. This hits you 5 times instantly. The second is crystal pelt, which is like Chahora’s skill crystal breath. The area in front of him will have black puffs of smoke with a DOT effect. Both of these skills hit kinda hard, so it is best to avoid or interrupt them.


That is it for the Crystal Research Complex. It is a rather large underground complex with 4, albeit small, dungeons packed away in it. One thing to note, at each entrance to the next level, there is an exit portal. This will take you back to the start of the level. If you need to go back to the beginning of the level, just use the exit portal. It helps you to move around the complex fairly quickly if you need to go back to a certain area and finish up quests.




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