Asta – Chamber of Full Moon Dungeon

Asta Chamber of Full Moon EntranceThe second dungeon the story takes you to is the Chamber of Full Moon. This is located in Asu Valley. The dungeon finder recommends levels 14-21. Once you hit level 14, the first three dungeons disappear and are replaced by the Chamber of Full Moon. It seems it is the only dungeon in this level range. This is sort of sad to see as it means there may not be a system set up where you can go into dungeons and your level will change to the appropriate level and give you experience and loot worthy of your higher level. I am no where near end game and I hope I am wrong.

The dungeon is located in Asu Valley in an area called the Full Moon Brotherhood hideout. You must first travel to the entrance of the hideout and enter. The hideout is laid out with several rooms in a circular shape. It may look like you can get to the dungeon entrance easily by going counter-clockwise, but the tunnel is high on the wall and unreachable. You must go clockwise and navigate through all the enemies and rooms. There are some quests located in this area, so you can do those while moving toward the entrance.

Asta Full Moon Brotherhood HideoutAsta Chamber of Full Moon Directions

Dungeon Trash

Everyone loves trash right? The dungeon is really 3 rooms. There are 2 rooms on the lower level and up a ramp in the second room is the boss room. Your first objective is kill all of the trash in the lower level. This equates to 20 men. There is nothing hard about killing them. There are some roaming around, so it is possible you can get caught fighting 3 at a time, but really, this is pretty easy.

Hyun the Chaos Bringer

Kill all the men in the lower level and you are rewarded with a cut scene. After you watch the cut scene, make your way up the ramp and get ready to battle Hyun the Chaos Bringer. This boss fight is a little more involved. He hits pretty hard and has 2 main mechanics. The first one is lunar eclipse. This one is pretty easy to avoid. I am not sure how hard it hits since I have ever been hit by it. It produces a red circle on the ground and all you need to do it avoid it. There is plenty of time, so it is easily avoided, just move behind him. The second mechanic is a little more tricky. It is called shard of wrath. This is more of a channeling spell and you need to be watching for it or you will lose health rather quickly. One hit on me took 1120 hp. Most of the time he will cast this right after lunar eclipse. My main tactic when fighting this boss is to just try to keep circling him and staying away from the area in front of him.

Next time, we will cover gathering in a little more depth and sub-professions.

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