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Not sure why, but I chose Asta to be the first review of this site. It just seemed interesting to me. I plan to get my character up to the max level to give people who are considering this a more in depth review than the usual 1 page reviews on other sites. Nothing against other reviews, but you cannot cover everything in an MMORPG in a short review. I will try to cover as much good and bad as I can, to give a completely objective review. After doing a little research, it looks like this game has been in development for a while, and even though it is in open beta, it should be pretty smooth. We shall see.

On To The Installation:

Asta downloading

The download is a moderately large file of 9.6 GB. This will take around 1 or 2 hours for most people unless you are lucky enough to have very fast internet. Not incredibly big, but consideration should be made if you would like to play it immediately. As far as installing, everything went smooth and there were no complications or problems installing.

As is common these days, you will need to make an account at Webzen. This is pretty much a standard account sign up. Fire up the game and enter your Webzen credentials into the log in screen and you are in the game.


Unfortunately, I ran into a few problems here. It seems this game uses something called Gameguard. A random times after the first minute or so, I would get a Gameguard error, and the game would close. This happened every time I tried to start the game. I was very close to giving up. I tried all the fixes on the Asta forum for Gameguard errors, but nothing would work. There was a tip stating to stop certain processes that could interfere. The last one pointed to a Zonealarm process. Since I run Zonealarm, I checked and changed all Asta settings to allow, although this did not help at all. So I went deeper and snoozed the firewall. Problem solved!!! Just a helpful tip in case somebody else runs into this problem.

Character Creation

Character creation is pretty straightforward and not unlike other MMORPGs. There are 2 factions, the Asu and Ora. Each has 3 races. There are quite a few MmoLauncher 2016-03-21 22-56-03-706options for customizing your character. You can change the size of pretty much every major body part. There are also multiple options for facial expressions, makeup, hairstyle, skin color, etc. Much more than anticipated. Once all of this is done to your liking, come up with a name and you are ready to begin.

In The Next Installment…..

We will get into the first stages of leveling and getting our first look at the new world we are in. We will cover how well the game treats new players and what questing is like. We should also get our first taste of combat and how similar everything is to other MMORPGs and what makes this game different. At least we hope something is different from other games. Something has to be different about it, doesn’t it? Let’s hope so.


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