Act 5 Path of Exile Guide

 Act 5 Path of Exile Guide

You have now defeated Merveil, the Vaal Oversoul, Dominus, and Malachai. Now you are wondering what lies ahead. How about going through acts 1 through 4 again on a higher difficulty? Well, that is what used to happen. There were three levels: Normal, cruel, and merciless. That all changed with the 3.0 expansion. Acts five through ten were added, preventing players from playing acts one through four all over again. Hopefully this Act 5 Path of Exile guide will help players traverse through act five with minimal difficulty.

Path of exile is a free to play game that can be downloaded at

Skill Point Quests

There are two quests that grant skill points. It is important to complete these.

  1. In Service to Science
  2. Kitava’s Torments

Return to Oriath

This is the opening quest in this Path of Exile guide. You receive once you make it through the resonator. You must escape the slave pens. Finding your way through the slave pens can be quite confusing for new players. Just keep an eye on your mini map and keep going through doors. Doors are marked yellow on the map. You will eventually find Overseer Krow. Once you kill the Overseer, a ladder will drop down. Climb up the ladder to enter The Overseer’s Tower, the main town in act five. Lani will have a choice of rings for your reward.

In Service to Science (Optional)

This quest is picked up from Vilenta. You must travel to the control blocks and find Vilenta’s Miasmeter. The Control Blocks are another area similar to The Slave Pens. An easy way to find your way through to the Miasmeter is to look for the long, depressed hallway. Once you go down the stairs, follow the hallway to the other end, go up the stairs and travel back in the direction that you just came from. There will be doors leading away from the hallway and the Miasmeter isn’t far. Look for the yellow exclamation point on your map. Once found, turn the Miasmeter in to Vilenta. This quest rewards a skill point.

The Key to Freedom

This quest is obtained from Utula in The Overseer’s Tower.  You will need to travel through The Control Blocks and kill Justicar Casticus. The Justicar is kinda hard to find but you must come across him to gain access to the next area. One easy way to get on the right track is to turn right at the stairs that lead down to the Miasmeter from the quest In Service to Science. Casticus will drop The Eyes of Zeal once defeated. Lani will have your flask reward.

Miasmeter - Act 5 Path of Exile Guide
Path from Miasmeter to Justicar Casticus

Death to Purity

Obtained from Utula and requests that you gain access to the Templar Courts. Once you kill Justicar Casticus, the quest will update with the objectives of using the Eyes of Zeal to access the Templar Courts and killing High Templar Avarius. Keep traveling through the Control Blocks to reach Oriath Square. The Templar Courts’ entrance will be on the opposite side of the square. Fight your way through the Courts and the Chamber of Innocence to reach Avarius. Avarius is a tough boss to kill. The first phase is not bad but the second phase is pretty rough. To me, this is the toughest boss you will see coming through the acts. Talk to Lani to get a choice of 13 jewels.

The Ravenous God

After you kill High Templar Avarius, you will receive this quest. It requests you travel back through the templar courts, find the Ossuary, and search the Ossuary for the Sign of Purity. You will be backtracking the path you made to get to Avarius. You will notice the Templar Courts are now named the Torched Courts and Oriath Square is named the Ruined Square. The entrance to the Ossuary is at the waypoint in the Ruined Square. Fight your way through the mostly undead in this area to find the Sign of Purity. I will be located in the Tomb of the First Templar.

The quest objectives change once you have the Sign of Purity. You will now need to access the Cathedral Rooftop and use the sign of Purity to defeat Kitava. You must complete the quest The King’s Feast to gain access to the Cathedral Rooftop.

The entrance to the Cathedral Rooftop is located in the northern section of the Ruined Square. The rooftop is a linear area where you will eventually come upon the Cathedral Apex. This is where you will fight Kitava. Kitava is the last boss in Act 5, and the fight can be rather rough if your dps is not good enough to burn him down quickly. One thing to remember is that you only need to get his health down to half to move on to act 6.

Kitava’s Torments (Optional)

Turning in the Death to Purity quest at Lani gives you this quest. You must travel to the Reliquary and find Kitava’s Torments which are Valako’s Jaw, Tukohama’s Tooth, and Hinekora’s Hair. You enter the Reliquary in one corner. The torments are located approximately in the other three corners. This quest is turned in at Lani and earns you a skill point and 2 refund points.

The King’s Feast

After you kill Avarius, Bannon will appear in the Overseer’s Tower and offer this quest. You are asked to travel to the Ruined Square and kill Utula. Utula is located in the southern portion of the Ruined Square down a dead-end alley. It is usually a good idea to kill Utula on your way to the Reliquary, as you will go right by his area. Bannon will have your reward back in town, which will be a choice of 3 jewels. This is the last quest in this Act 5 Path of Exile guide.

Utula - Act 5 Path of Exile Guide

Quick Act 6 Walkthrough

  1. Kill Overseer Krow in the Slave Pens. Enter Overseer’s Tower.
  2. Enter Control Blocks. Find Miasmeter, kill Justicar Casticus, and enter Oriath Square. Waypoint to town and turn in quests.
  3. Waypoint back to Oriath Square. Travel to Templar Courts and then Chamber of Innocence. Kill Avarius.
  4. Travel back through the Torched Courts and Ruined Square. Find waypoint in the Ruined Square. Travel back to town to turn in quests.
  5. Waypoint back to the Ruined Square. Enter Ossuary and find the Staff of Purity. Travel back to town for quest turn in.
  6. Enter Ruined Square again. Kill Utula and enter Reliquary. Finish Kitava’s Torments. Travel back to Overseer’s Tower to turn in quests.
  7. Waypoint to the Ruined Square or Reliquary. Travel to the Cathedral Rooftop. Defeat Kitava.

That is it for this Path of Exile guide for Act 5. The monsters get tougher and meaner as you head through the acts. The good thing is you also get stronger and meaner!

Good luck and have fun!

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