Ex FPS gamer here that fell in love with massive multiplayer online role playing games. Hence, Freemmorpgreview.com was started to give information, news, and reviews of some of the free MMORPGs available, including some lesser known ones.

My story:

I have been gaming on a PC since the late 90s, when computers were $1500+ and you needed a payment plan. I was immediately drawn to FPS-type games. Battlefield 1942 was my first taste of playing with others online. I joined a clan/guild and enjoyed many nights playing 1942 and all the expansions.

World of Warcraft hit us hard as half the players started playing WOW when it was released. Although we still had players for the FPS games, it wasn’t the same.

On a review by a guild mate, I purchased Guild Wars, played it for a few hours, didn’t like it, and uninstalled. Fast forward a few months later, a new guild member mentioned Guild Wars, I re-installed it, and started playing with him. From then on, FPS were a thing of the past, although I did enjoy a few games of CS:S and Team Fortress.

I eventually went on to try almost every MMO I could find. Most of my time was spent in WOW, Diablo 3, and Rift.

The freedom to choose what you want to do, the economies, loot, different classes/builds, etc. are what I think make MMOs great. Unfortunately, there seem to be less quality appearing on the scene today, although I keep searching.

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